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Lush golden wonder bath bomb

Lush golden wonder is such a beautiful bath bomb, shaped like a present in gold glitter with a festive bow it encompasses Christmas perfectly. If you give it a sneaky shake, the way you would if you were to do so a real gift it has a distinct rattle of a surprise locked inside. The bath bomb looks as though it will leave the water a golden sea of sparkle, however, as it fizzes away and the present is revealed in the water, the surprises locked inside reveals itself.

The beautiful golden shimmer begins to fizz away in the water as you put it into the bath, creating a sea of golden water around it. The more it fizzes, the outer part of the present dissolves to reveal the inner blue layer of the present which is a beautiful surprise and looks stunning in the bath. 

While this does create a beautiful sea of bright blue water and tiny gold stars, you will see them in an image below, it is not the final surprise it has in store. As it unfolds and the colours collide in the water the final surprise of the bath bomb unfolds to reveal balls of colour, purple come out of the bath bomb to add depth and dimension to the water. The bath bomb is so pretty to watch as it works its magic in the water and is a truly beautiful one to watch and use. The blue water it leaves in the bath when it has finished is perfect and lovely to lie in while your relax.

This bath bomb has a lovely scent to it, said to be cognac oil and lime oil from the website, and while I have no idea what cognac is or smells like, I really like the scent of this. The scent fills the room and has a good amount of scent to get lost in. The bath was so pretty and the scent was really nice and while being noticeable and filling the room it was not overpowering of the other scents I used in the bath for shampoo and shower gel. 

At £4.95 it is on the pricier side of lush bath bombs but it is really lovely and one that I will buy year after year as I do like it a lot. I have used this before so the change in colour wasn't a huge surprise to me as I knew what would happen but I did love it all the same and enjoy watching the colour escape as it fizzes and floats along in the water!


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