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Garnier moisture bomb mask

I love facemasks and I had seen this one around as well as seeing it was on offer down to just under a pound when I was shopping in boots and so I decided I wanted to get one. I love the idea of it being hydrating, and also that it is a tissue mask as I prefer sheet masks and tissue masks as they are less messy and take a lot less effort to put on and take off. I think I may just be a little lazy when it comes to face masks and extra skincare. A week of hydrating serum makes a huge claim and is something that intrigued me more to buy it and give it a go....

My first priority was the experience using the face mask and what it was like to use. I did notice that the sheet had a lot of moisture on, presumably the serum to moisturise the skin. Because it was so wet it was easy to apply to the skin and it stuck onto the skin well, although I spent the time using the face mask laid in the bath, and so it meant it had minimal chances of moving around on my skin, although it did feel very secure. It says to apply the mask with the blue side facing outwards and then once it is on the skin, you peel the blue layer off in order to have the face mask on the skin ready to use. I'm not sure what the blue layer does, other than perhaps allowing it to be applied with the serum side to the skin.

The mask was very comfortable and felt nice on the skin. It did not sting my skin or have any unpleasant side affects which would make me want to take it off. I left this on for the allocated time and it left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Some of the serum stayed on my face and left it feeling soft and silky, I massaged this into my face and removed the excess.

The real test for this was using it and seeing if I got a weeks worth of moisture from it... I didn't wear make up much the week I had used this, just by coincidence, and I deliberatly ommitted my moisturiser from my skin care routine in order to see if it actuallly kept my skin hydrated, especially as I get a really sore dry patch on my right cheek if I am not careful. I can honestly say my skin felt amazing all week, and even being slack on the moisturiser a week later, it still felt perfect. Soft plumped and well hydrated and all down to this mask. I can definitely see this fast becoming a staple in my routine as I loved it so much and would really recommend this if you have dry or dehydrated skin that needs a boost, especially in such cold weather.


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