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Bridesmaid thank you gifts

I wanted to get my bridesmaids a little gift to say thank you to them. I opted for reusable shoppers for the actual bag and I knew they would lvoe the disney theme to these, and even though the bag is bright pink and maybe doesnt go with the blue as much it is still very practical and lovely to use so it will definitely be something they will be greatful of. I have put lots of goodies into the bag and I hope they like them as much as I have liked putting them together. 

The first thing in the bag is a dressing gown, I opted for pale blue with white spots, the theme of the wedding is cobalt blue, but I thought these were lovely and a bit softer colour for the morning photographs while we are getting ready. I then had 'Bridesmaid' stitched into the back of them, I have one with 'Bride' and my mum has 'Mother of the bride' so we will all match which will make great photos!

In the bag itself, I put in some cosy socks, these match the dressing gown pattern and will be nice to wear once we are back in the house and want to be cosy. I popped in the let it snow bath bomb from bomb cosmetics so they can have a nice relaxing bath, some tissues because weddings can be emotional, or being decembr it may even mean colds and glamourous nose blowing! I found some lovely snowflake bracelets, I think from etsy and I thought they were pretty so I got them one each. I also put in a face mask to help them relax when in the bath, a photo frame as we all have lots of photos we could display and they could even use it for a wedding photo if they want to.
Moving on we have a travel perfume atomiser, I got these off ebay and although I haven't tried mine yet it looks cool and will be better than carrying a big perfume with us on the day. There is a champneys cracker which has a bubble bath or shower gel in, some oil control sheets incase they want to touch up their make up on the day and a lovely metal cat ornament that is a ring holder and I know they will b able to put somewhere in their home as all three have cats! 

I have enjoyed putting these together and have picked bits up as I have been shopping so I hope they really like them and are happy with all the products. I am really excited to show you some pictures of the dressing gowns and some sneaky pictures of the day! 


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