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Bomb cosmetics Oh xmas tree bath bomb

I am a huge fan of bath bombs and love trying new ones so when my bridesmaids got me this as part of the gifts for my hen do, I was very excited to give it a go. The beautiful tree shaped bath bomb is very festive and reminds me of Christmas. The white detailing reminds me of winter snow and the gold glitter resembles the fairy lights or decorations on the tree. Topped with a star the tree is simply the symbol of Christmas and very festive to enjoy.

The bath bomb fizzed away relatively rapidly creating a sea of green water, which was as I expected from the green bath bomb. The glitter floated along on top of the water adding sparkle and shimmer to the water without it sticking to the bath or myself too excessively. I would have liked a little more surprise from the bath bomb as I really like it when they do something you don’t expect, either change colour or fizz excitingly in a way that you aren’t expecting.

The scent of the bath bomb was really nice and not too overpowering, it wasn’t as strong as some of the bath bombs I have used in the past, but it is equally as nice. The scent still filled the room and made the bath smell lovely without being over the top, and also was refined enough for me to use any body wash scent I wanted, where I feel I have to match a similar scented body wash to the bath bomb in some other brands. The bath bomb has a sweet apple scent with a hint of cinnamon, the scent is apply with a hint of the spicy from the cinnamon and was very festive to use.

Overall I really enjoyed this bath bomb, as a brand I haven’t used much I will definitely be trying more, I bought some more at the clothes show and I am so excited to use them as soon as I get chance, I have such a stock of Christmas bath bombs I never know which to choose when I have a bath so it takes me a while to use the different ones. For £3 it is a competitive price for the bath bombs and definitely worth giving a go if you want to branch out into other brands or if you have been eyeing them up from afar in a retailer.


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