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Benefit blushin' babe blush set

I recently went to Benefit for a make over which was amazing as I haven't tried many of benefits products and it is a brand I tend to overlook sometimes, usually by accident. When I went for the make over I knew I wanted to get some products to try, and when I spotted the Christmas gift sets I knew it was the perfect way to try out lots of products for a good deal through buying a set. I love blush and it usually gets neglected when I buy make up, or it is a last resort product and I can forget to put it on or leave it off if I am in too much of a rush. I loved the look of this set and it was a total bargain, especially as I was able to use my boots points and get it totally free!

In the set there are four blush colours, a bronzer, a highlighter, an eyeliner and a mascara. This gave me a range of products to try out and means I will branch more into blush colours and highlight, as well as the opportunity to retry the eyeliner and mascara I have tried in the past.

The they're real eyeliner is a product that I have tried in the past and wasn't overly keep on, however I will be testing it out again, I just haven't had chance, and didn't want to use it on a day where I was off out in case I wasn't keen on it this time. Looking at this one it seems more substantial and in proper packaging rather than the mini sample I got free with a magazine where you squeeze the tube to make product come out, where as this one you twist the bottom, so it may be easier to use.
The they're real mascara is one that I know I really like, although it isn't a staple in my make up kit it is one that I know I love and can rely on when I have it. It adds volume and length and is really black so it is one that works well, but not stand out enough for me to change from drugstore ones to this one permanently.

The blush colours in the set are sugarbomb, rockateur, coralista, and dandelion, as well as hoola bronzer. The blushes all have different tones to them and work in different ways meaning you get a lot of different looks from the set and it is very versatile in the finishes you can create.

Sugarbomb blush is sectioned into four parts and has peach, soft plum, pink and rose shades in the sections which can be used on their own or swirled together to make a cohesive shade to add depth and natural radiance to the cheeks.

Rockateur blush is a rose gold toned blush that looks beautiful both in the pan and on the skin. The base shade is a rose toned pink shade with a golden shimmer running through to give it a nice shimmer and give the cheeks a glow.

Coralista blush is, as you may have guessed, a warm toned coral pink. This is a beautiful shade again. It is a lovely coral tone that will match a lot of looks and has a beautiful rosey gold shimmer to it that looks so stunning on the skin.

Dandelion blush is the most natural of the four, and is a sheer, ballerina pink that could double as a 'no make up' look blush. It is very wearable and everyday if you want a minimal look or if you just don't want anything too strong on the cheeks. It is perfect for everyday and has a small amount of shimmer which can help to brighten up your complexion in a subtle way.

Hoola bronzer is also included in the kit and is a matte bronzer that they stock in the one shade and can work on most skin tones, this is pale enough to work on my extremely pale skin, but can be built up to work on darker skin tones. I have been skeptical of bronzer for a long time, but the lady who did my make over put this on me and showed me how to use it for a sheer bronze look that didn't make me look muddy like I have seen other people look before.

Lastly for the kit we have the watts up! highlighter. This has a delicate champagne glow, and gives a beautiful highlight on the cheekbones and high points of the face. A cream highlighter is something I didn't really own as I tend to go for powder highlights but I am really enjoying branching out into something new.

Overall for £29.50, and worth nearly £100, it is an amazing gift for any beauty junkie, or anyone who is branching into make up and wants some things to try out, it is a good bargain and will last a really long time. I highly recommend this gift set and I am so thrilled with it!


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