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£5 Christmas gift idea

Secret Santa gifting can be a daunting thing to get involved in. It is often in the office at work and can be people you do not know very well, or are unsure what to get. I am lucky I work in an office with a lot of women and one man, this means I had a high chance of getting a female to buy for, which I did. Picking out a gift is really hard, we had a £5 limit but I wanted to make sure the gift I chose was going to be something they would like and not something jokey that would perhaps be a little bit of a waste. So I took my £5 and headed into town....

One tip I have, if possible, fish for information the girl I work with who I got for the secret Santa had told me a few days before that she had treated herself to a glossy box when she got a voucher through to get one at a discount, so when I drew her as the secret Santa, I waited a few days and asked about the glossy box, what she got, how she found it, if she thought it was a good idea, and if I should sign up. I did this to find out if she would like a beauty gift, so I put together a 'beauty box' like a subscription would be.

When picking where to shop Savers was a store I wanted to look in, they have top brand products at good prices and I knew I wanted beauty products and toiletries of that type to put together something fun. I managed to pick up a Garnier moisture face mask, a Colab dry shampoo sample and a mini Garnier micellar water all for £2.75, a total bargain. Armed with three products and just under half my money left I shopped around to see what else I could get.

While doing the Asda food shop in the following days I popped down the beauty isle to look into what I could find to add in if there was anything, I spotted the Andrew Barton hair S.O.S treatment mask for £1 and decided it would be a nice addition, the gift reciever could use the hair mask and face mask together in order to have the perfect pamper.

When I went to the clothes show I got a huge amount of stuff at really good prices, I worked out the costs of the Barry M make up I got and the products came in at about £1 each, or just under so I knew I was on budget if I was to use a nail polish that I know she will like from the stuff I bought at the clothes show, and I did intentionally get a lot of the stuff with the intention of using some as gifts or part gifts too. Using Barry M is a little bit of a cheap in this case, but MUA do £1 make up and nail polish and their stuff is really amazing, so I would have turned to them if I hadn't got such good bargains at the clothes show!

I didn't count packaging in the cost of the present as I didn't think it was fair, but I saw a lovely box when I went into Tiger for some other bits and so I decided it was perfect. I also added some gold ribbon and a bow to make it look a little more festive and look a little more snazzy. I added a plain tag with the name of the person who is receiving my gift and then popped it into the pile in the office in order to see the reaction of my secret Santa!

I will instagram (@entirelysarah) a picture of the gift I get for £5 from my secret Santa later on today to give you a little more inspiration if you need a gift on a budget!


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