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Urban decay blush samples

When I attended an Urban Decay event a few months ago, I was given a gift with purchase which allowed me to try out some of the products I hadn't tried before. One of these samples was of three blushes that I was now able to try out and see if I like them. I thought the range of colours we were given was really good as it gives you a more neutral pale pink option (score), a brighter pink option (quickie) and a purple option (bittersweet). I feel the purple is one that I would not usually buy and so I was quite glad that it was on there to give me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and be able to try it out without spending the money if I didn't like it.

The blush samples come on a flat sheet of card with a plastic film over the top of them. This allows them to be peeled back to use, and can also be stuck back down. The sheet does pull off in one section which automatically reveals the three, so as you can see below, I peeled up the backing and then cut between the blush colours with scissors to allow just the individual colour I wanted to use to be revealed.

I have used all three colours out of this sample, and although they seem quite small, I found (more so with the purple) where I wanted to use a small amount of the colour for a sheer effect and finish it lasted more than one use and I was able to get two uses from the colour sample.

The blush colours applied beautifully and they were consistent in texture, longevity and bendability on the skin. They applied effortlessly and were easy to blend in, sheer out or build up depending on the look you are aiming for. As for the 8 hour claim, I do wear my make up for longer and would say these held up for the full day, so surpassed the 8 hour time frame they have been given.

Score was a firm favourite after trying the sample, a lovely medium pink-peach with a touch of shimmer, it gives the skin a lovely glow and works great to compliment a highlight or give a glowing look to the cheeks if used alone. The other two colours were just as impressive, but not colours I would use all the time so would seem less worth it to buy in the full size, however the clear consistency through the three colours I have tried has given me confidence that all the blush colours in the range will perform as well as these and I will definitely check out more of the range when I am in a store where I can test out the colours on my skin to see which may compliment them and be ones I would wear daily.

At £19 I am really impressed with the way these blush colours have worked and I would definitely feel they are worth picking up and trying out as I cannot wait to get my hands on some of them in the full size.


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