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The Christmasaurus - Tom Fletcher

I was, I guess am, a huge fan of McFly, I adored them growing up and remember being about 10/11 when I first discovered them and being hooked since. This means I have followed McFly and its members for a while and have kept up on their ventures and was really excited when Tom branched out into books. I do not have kids yet and resisted buying the dinosaur that pooped the planet series as I can't quite get away with it without having lots of questions about when I am having kids! However Tom's newest book The Christmasaurus was one I needed to own. More of a novel it was much easier to buy for myself and not feel like I was trying to justify buying a designated child's book, and I love Christmas! So I got it, and have read it to get me in the Christmas spirit.

In the front of the book before we get to the story we have beautiful illustrations of the characters and a map to show the North pole, I love this idea, especially in a kids book as it gives you an idea of who will be in the story and the little illustrations sets off the beautiful images used throughout the book. I would go so far as to say it is my favourite illustrations I have ever seen in a book!

The book starts out by explaining about dinosaurs, and even explaining how there is a dinosaur today in the first few chapters, we are also introduced to a young boy, William Trundle, who lives with his dad and what he really wants for Christmas is a real dinosaur! We meet the elves and Santa and discover all about them in a way that is magical and enchanting. While some parts of the Christmas story may be different to what children my have been told, it ignites a Christmas sparkle to create Christmas magic and keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

The story is aimed at 7 - 9 year olds, and has a few story lines which may be a little scary or upsetting for younger children, however as soon as you turn the page they are explained in a way that cheers the story up and means it is pleasant overall. I would probably say the youngest child I would read this too would be about 6, maybe 5 if they really wanted to hear the story, but being quite a long book and having a lot of information in it it makes it more difficult for younger children to understand. I think about 9 is a good range to go up to as it is about Santa and the North pole and Christmas and as children get to around 9/10 it stops being cool to think about Santa and the Christmas spirit no matter how much they still love getting presents!

The story is so magical and as you go along you imagine what the ending will be like, with the twists and turns of the story changing your ideas and rooting for other characters and eventually seeing them get a happy ending which is nothing like the one I anticipated from the start.

I absolutely loved reading this book, it has escalated my Christmas spirit that was lacking this year and I am so pleased I picked it up. My fiance doesn't read books, so I have convinced him to let me read it to him the way I would read it to a child if we have one as I love children's books and have no children I can read it to! I'm so excited to see his reactions to the book and I am sure he will love it too!


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