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Richard Ward keratin shampoo and conditioner

The Richard Ward shampoo and conditioner was a set of products I didn't know a lot about until I went to the alzheimers meet up in Nottingham that the lovely Ellie organised. I won these as a prize and was really excited to try them out as I love trying new hair products. I was glad to have the set to use together as I think you get to see the true results of the product if you use just one brand, and he travel sized bottle would have been ideal for holidays.

The shampoo is a lightweight easy to use formula that lathers up well on the hair, is easy to wash out and leaves it feeling soft, and easy to work with. The conditioner is a more creamy, thicker formula but is eaqualy as easy to work with and work into the hair. The conditioner makes my hair feel silky and smooth and easy to manage and rinse through.

Once I am out of the bath or shower my hair is easy to brush, and is not tangled like it can be with some other shampoos and conditioner I have tried. My hair feels really soft, smooth and looks shiny when it is dried and felt in amazing condition. It was visibly healthier looking and did have a little bit more volume than usual, however I find my hair is very difficult to get volume into as it is very fine.

I really liked the way this worked on my hair and I would pick these up again in the future is I was shopping somewhere that stocked these. I think they are really good value and leave the hair in great condition looking and feeling like you just left the salon.


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