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Real techniques brush cleaning palette

Washing brushes is one of my least favourite jobs to do with make up, and I try to get away with not doing it for as long as I can, without it being gross or unhygienic. I use a lot of real techniques brushes and they are the go to ones I always look at if I want a new brush, so it was the perfect investment to get their brush cleaning palette to help me keep on top of the job as well as making the task a little easier.

There are many of these on the market but I have never invested in one as a lot either had to be ordered online or were a little more than I wanted to pay.  When this launched I happened to be walking past the stand in boots and my mum offered to buy it me, around the time of my birthday, so I gratefully accepted. I used to wash my brushed with a little bit of baby shampoo in the palm of my hand until the water runs clear, however it can be quite a long job and rubbing the brush onto your hand with all the water doesn't do much for your hands either.

The palette is a lovely pink colour which is vibrant and fun to look at, and matches some of the collections brushes. It has a mix of bobbles on the palette, some small bumps some medium shaped + signs and some larger bumps all designed to move between the hairs to get into the bristles to get all of the make up residue off of them. It really does get into the brush and get all of the make up out of them with very minimal effort. The palette also catches the water and keeps it contained int the palette to allow you to also use less water which is always good too as I used to get through a lot of hot water too when washing all of them at once.

The palette is in collaboration the with brush cleaning gel which I can do a separate post on if you would like, but it works together to get into the brush using the texture on the pallet as well as the cleansing gel which breaks down the make up and makes it easier to wash out of the brushes.

Overall, this pallet has saved me a lot of time, effort and water when washing my brushes as it keeps it all contained in the pallet rather than continually rinsing the brush and having to reapply cleaner and burning my hands under the water. It makes the task faster and easier to manage and I am definitely more willing to wash my brushes now as it is far easier. I would be curious to test out other brush cleansing pallets and tools, however, this one is perfect so I do not feel I need to buy others, just want to for review and comparison purposes!


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