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November Glossybox

Glossy box is a monthly subscription service that I have seen going around YouTube and blogs since the day it launched, including the build up to the launch. I always wanted to try it out but never really pushed myself to do so, it has been out a long time now and the idea of not knowing what you will get in the box is a little strange as you don't know what you are spending your money on. I got a coupon offer to get my first box for £3 (+ P&P) and decided £6 was a good price to pay for it and I would chance my look to see if it was something I would like to keep receiving.

The box comes in a beautiful outer box labeled with glossy box and the signature crown logo that looks like the wax seal on old fashioned letters. This is a lovely touch as you know instantly what your parcel is, and I love that. When you open the lid of the box, you are met with a nice ribbon and a lovely sticker with the same logo on which holds the tissue paper together to keep the parcel together. You also get a card that tells you what each of the products is and how much they cost which is great to know about the products if you love them and want to repurchase them.

I was too impatient when this arrived and my camera wasn't to hand and I took everything out and had to put it back in as I had found it which was a challenge, but I think I did ok! I was super excited about the products and although the razor packaging was quite bulky I love that is felt full and substantial, this definitely helped me feel like I got good value for money. 

First up I have the 111skin bio cellulose facial treatment mask which retails for £20. I love face masks and this one sounds really interesting so I cannot wait to share my thoughts on it when I use it, there will definitely be a review on here to share my thoughts.

I then have the Kiss looks so natural lashes which retail for £4.95. I really like false lashes but I don't have many chances to wear them so this is the perfect excuse as I will have a pair on hand that I am so excited to try out! The look really natural and wouldn't be too much to glam up an eye look without going overboard.

Next up we have the Wilkinson sword Quattro razors which retail at £5.69 for 3. This is amazing to receive and so practical, except I have some weird fear that I will cut myself if I use a normal razor so stick to my electric shaver, however, I can pass these on to my mum who is perfectly fine using a razor, or I may push the boat out and try one, maybe after my wedding so I don't have an awful cut if I find I am terrible at shaving! However I will ask what my mum thinks if I do pass them onto her for a review.

Following on from this I have the De Bruyere beaute jumbo eye pencil in bubble 07 and retails at €15. A khaki grey shade that I am so excited to try out and use, so I will definitely have a review up on my blog about it because it does look so stunning. I don't fully know the UK price on this as it is in euros on the card in the box but it is really nice to have the chance to try out a product I cannot get on the high street.

Last of the beauty products, I have a Ruby professional tapered blending brush which retails for €8. You can never have too many brushes, and I love trying out new ones and this one feels really soft and like it could easily become a staple in my beauty tools.

Lastly I had a Raffaelo chocolate in my box, this is a white chocolate ball with a soft center and a hazelnut inside as well as coconut shavings on the outer of the chocolate. This was lovely, and although I wouldn't buy them regularly as I am not a huge fan of coconut this was really nice.

Overall I am really impressed with this months Glossy box, I love that the next one gave the option to choose the lipstick as part of the box, and so I will try next months as well and then decide if I want to keep my subscription running in the new year. I love the idea of it though and think it would be a lovely gift for someone too!


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