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November Empties

I didn't feel like I had used many products up this month but I feel it is a respectful number, especially considering there are 3 lush products I couldn't put in the picture. I am still on a challenge to use up as much as I can and over December I may do some sort of target to use up a certain number of products in order to get down some more products and compensate for whatever products may find their way to me for Christmas! I feel I have a lot of skin care this month, so lets get stuck into what I used up!

Lets begin with Lush as we can't see pictures of that, however if you want to pop back on my blog and look at reviews of these products you will see what they look like in action. I have candy mountain  which I love the scent of, it smells like snow fairy and creates a lot of lovely bubbles, so I compromised with this one this year as I couldn't justify another shower gel in my collection. 
I then had never mind the ballistics bath bomb, this one is yellow with a pink top and looks lovely, it makes the bath a beautiful orange colour and looks lovely, as well as being very relaxing. I really liked it and would use it again. 
Lush luxury lush pud is the final one I have used up this month, and was also lovely, it says it is lavender scented, however I don't like lavender and I didn't think it smelt like lavender. It was really beautiful and colourful in the bath and was so lovely to look at, I will look for this one if I pick some more up.

I seem to have used up a lot of skincare this month somehow, which also means I have purchased more, so look out for reviews on that too. First up I have the Boots botanics cleansing toner, I really enjoyed using this, it worked well and was gentle on my skin, always leaving it soft and not making me breakout. When I went into boots to replace my toner when this one was really low I couldn't get this one and went for Garnier instead so I will report back on that, but I would get this again if it is instock when I am shopping.
I then have the Garnier moisture bomb mask, I love masks and this one intrigued me by saying it had one week of moisture in it. I wont say too much as I have a review coming, but I will be getting another one of these soon to use again, as it is good.
The Carmex lip balm seemed to take me forever to use up! I really like it and it is one of very few things that actually makes me lips fully recover when they are in the worst state they have ever been in. It feels menthol like, or medicated on the lips and it is very hydrating. I already have a new one to use and always go back to this!
Last for skin care the Vichy liftactiv serum 10 eyes and lashes is a sample size of the eye serum and it works so well, I felt my undereyes looks plumped and less dark when I used this, and I didn't really notice a change in my sleep pattern so I'm not sure if it is a combination of things I haven't noticed that I am changing or if it is this, but I do really like it and would give it another go.

For misc, hair and beauty I only have two items in this category, I don't often get through a lot of make up products, and sometimes I don't use products on my hair other than shampoo and conditioner so it takes such a long time to get through anything. Up first I have the Umberto Giannini hair spray, this is a sample size I got in a gift set. It was really nice and held the style in place, but I tend to buy which ever hair spray is on offer as I don;t use it very often so I don't usually need it to be super strength hold.
I then have a staple, the Seventeen stay time concealer is one of the very few drugstore concealers that is pale enough for me. In the shade extra fair, it is the perfect shade for me as I am very pale and everything looks too dark or too orange on my skin even shades that are classed as fair! I bought two of these when I went shopping when this ran out so I am set for a long time! I do recommend you check this one out if you are struggling with finding a pale concealer as this is my perfect match.


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