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Lush Never mind the ballistics

The never mind the ballistics bath bomb is on that I thought looked very interesting with the pink top which feels like a bath melt and the yellow bath bomb. A plain looking bath bomb, but one that smelt citrusy, sweet and uplifting, and I thought may be intriguing to use as it may have a hidden surprise!

The bath bomb had a lovely scent to it and was one that definitely sold me on the scent rather than a pretty pattern on the bath bomb. As I put the bath bomb into the water it began to fizz and leave a bright yellow tint to the water. A I let go of the bath bomb the pink area on the top slipped under the water and began to dissolve into the water to create streaks of pink and yellow in the water.

As it dissolved away the bath bomb left streaks of yellow and pink creating beautiful patterns and leaving a beautiful mix of colours in the water to create an orange bath. The patterns this bath bomb creates are so lovely to look at and see as they fizz around and change the way the bath looks.

The smell was lovely too, it was citrusy in a sweeter, non bitter way. The smell filled my bathroom and made it smell lovely, I also teamed this up with a satsuma body wash to keep in with the citrusy scent of the bath bomb.

Overall I love the way this looks and the way it smelt. I think of all the bath bombs this one was the one I thought I might be disappointed by, but I do love it and the way it looked in the bath and the orange shade it left the bath as well as the scent. I would definitely get this one again if I was in Lush, and do recommend it!


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