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Lush Luxury lush pud

Lush luxury lush pud is so bright and colourful and enticing and one I knew I wanted to get hold of this year. I love the way it has bright coloured spots on it and I knew it would fizz a mixture of beautiful colours with the main part of the bath bomb being pink, so likely to turn the bath pink as well.

The bath bomb is a really nice size, and looks really cute as a Christmas pudding, the spots of colour make me think of the fruit in a Christmas pudding, or some cherries maybe, but I think its really pretty to look at. I personally do not like Christmas pudding, so its a good excuse to get some this way! The pud starts to fizz off in the pink colour when placed in the bath, as well as the colours beginning to fizz and sometimes break from the bath bomb itself to float along the bath fizzing away like a separate bath bomb.

The bath bomb is nicely scented, it has lavender in it, but I do not think it is overly lavender scented as I am not a fan of lavender as it gives me a headache, but I didn't  experience that with this, I'd even go so far as to say I didn't know what it had in it until I looked it up after buying it and smelling it in store. It has a sort of sweet element to it, with a little bit of a herbal scent, but I wouldn't have placed it as lavender.

The bath bomb gently fizzed away and left the water looking beautiful and colourful, and quite mesmerising. This has to be one of my favourite that I have taken photos of as it was so colourful and fun. The colour swirled together as they gently fizzed away, then when the water was mixed it became one beautiful sea of pink water to sink into. I did expect the bath to be pink as the majority of the bath bomb was pink and I was not disappointed!
You can see above the way the bath bomb had spots of colour that came away from the pink to have mini colourful bath bombs floating through the bath. these created some of the most beautiful patterns in the water that I have ever seen, and was definitely an inviting and encouraging sight that made me want to be in the bath amongst the colours.

Overall I am really impressed with this bath bomb, it is so beautiful on the outside to look at in store or once you have purchased it and it is also magical and beautiful in the bath too! At £4.25 it is a slightly more pricier bath bomb from lush, but it is one that is stunning and would make the perfect gift for someone who perhaps wants to try lush as they get to experience a beautiful array of colours, or for someone who loves lush! This will be one I look out for in the sales this year!


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