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Lush candy mountain

Lush candy mountin is one I have had before and wanted to get again as I truely do love it, as well as my mum having thi as a firm favourite of hers too. I wanted to get it again as I like the bubble bars and I love the way this is a sweet scent as I do buy some of the less sweet scents in the bath bombs. I love snow fairy but have given it a miss this year as I could stock an entirte shop with my bath and hair collection so wanted minimal things to buy and review, but I couldnt pass this up!

I saw on Instagram that if you put the bubble bar into a tea strainer it allows it to be held while it makes bubbles and not have to have your hand under the water the whole time. Genius! In hindsight I should have crumbled it a little rather than plopping the whole chunk I had cut off into the strainer. This chunk was about a third, but I was being extra genourous as I wanted an extra bubbly bubble bath to soak into. The bath was really lovely, the scent filled the room and lingered in the bath.

I am really impressed with the amount of bubbles these give off and I love the sweet candy floss/bubble gum scent this product has. I think it is good value for money as you can get more than one bath out of it, which is harder with a bath bomb, and this feels more indulgent and luxurious than a normal bubble bath.


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