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Lush bubblegum lip scrub

About this time of year when the weather get colder and my lips get chapped and dry, and I have a tendency to bite my lips when they get dry and chapped as the rough skin irritates me. I and trying to do everything I can to make sure my lips are in the best condition they can be this year in the lead up to my wedding day so I can wear a nice lipstick on the day. Lush do amazing products for the bath and I anything bubble gum scented or flavoured is a winner in my book, so this lip scrub seemed like the perfect solution.
 The lip scrub smells sweet and just like bubble gum should do, and tastes just as good when you use it too. The texture is a mix of a finer textured sugar and coarse textured sugar to help the lip scrub work into the lips and get off the excess skin.  while you can feel the scrub working I do not find it uncomfortable to use as it is still gentle.

When I use the scrub I get a small amount on the end of my finger and rub it over my lips like I would a lip balm, but press onto the lips a little more firmly to try and work it into them. The granules move over the lips and feel comfortable, while the scent and taste of bubble gum and candyfloss fill the air and make our mouth water as some of the granules creep into your mouth.

I have heard Lush staff tell people you can just lick this off once you have used it, but I really don't fancy the idea of swallowing the dead skin I just exfoliated off my lips, even if it taste like bubble gum.... Once I have used it I get a little bit of water in my hand and rinse off my mouth to get rid of the excess granules and the dead skin to make sure my lips are left soft. I then dry them off and apply lip balm to my lips to make sure they are left extra smooth and soft.

I adore this lip scrub and it definitely makes a big improvement to my lips when I use it, and especially when I use it consistently. I will continue to buy these lip scrubs when this one runs out, I love having it in my bathroom and usually use it after my cleanser before I use things like toner and moisturiser so that it becomes a habit to use most day.

The pot is a good size and because a little bit goes a long way it means that the product will last a really long time, and is good value for money. I love this product and will be repurchasing it when I am almost out of it to make sure my lips are in good condition through the year.



  1. Hey Sarah!

    Do you find the bubblegum flavor overpowering? I've been wondering about buying this scrub but I don't want my mouth to taste like I drank Double Bubble :)

    xoxo Paige

    1. Hey Paige,

      I find it is quite strong when you use it, but because I rinse it off after I have used it to scrub my lips the taste doesn't really stay in my mouth for more than a few minutes!

      Sarah x