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Irregular choice Cinderella Sparkling slipper

Being a princess on your wedding day is a theme most bridal magazines or wedding related things will promote, whether that be to get you to pay thousands for a ball gown dress, or to sell you a horse and carriage for arriving in on the day. I for one do feel like a true princess in my dress and the first words I gasped in delight when I tried my chosen dress on for the first time were 'Disney's forgotten princess.' I think I say no more. I was very happy in the knowledge I had my wedding shoes, these, and didn't really care to look for anything different until Irregular choice announced a Cinderella collection and there was a glass slipper....

The website imagery makes them look really really beautiful, but no where near as beautiful as they truly look in real life. The way these are captured in person and the way these look is something so beautiful they truly are magical. These sold out in minutes, and I managed to grab a pair just after they launched on Friday at midday, but it was a close encounter and I would have missed them had I hesitated.

The parcel arrived from Lotties atik at just before 9 on saturday morning, perfect service and a place I will go to to shop more in the future. The box is a work of art in itself, and I could have just bought the box if it was an option and I couldn't have the shoes! Luckily for me, I didn't have to stare at the box for long before I had opened a beautiful pair of shoes to catwalk round my parents living room in to show them off accordingly.

At first sight these as so beautiful and I could stare at them all day without question for my sanity, the glitter is so pretty and the tiny ring on the heel makes these an even more appropriate shoe for my wedding day. I put these on and they fit almost perfect, a little rubbing on the toes, but I had had blisters from Ugg style boots because I have silly feet that hate me, but thats a story for another day... I put these on and had a moment of sheer devastation to realise they weren't lighting up properly. Cue over panicked Sarah trying to pretend I was calm, knowing I could never get a replacement if they did not work. Turns out, mums new carpet and underlay is just too soft for me to stomp on enough when I walk, as you kind of just bounce along, so I took myself into her tiled kitchen for a good stomp around! Cue excited Sarah causing a huge scene stomping round in extreme excitement with the high pitched squeals because they really are that amazing.

These shoes will be the most amazing show stopper piece on my wedding day and apart from my bridesmaids and immediate family, and well, now you guys, none of the guests know they will be witness to these fantastic shoes! The one downside to these shoes is that they are said, by Irregular choice, to be a sealed unit, this means once the battery runs out (apparently 1 million,. not the 10,000 I orriginally saw) you cannot replace it, meaning, I could do a wild amount of dancing on my wedding day and never see these light up again. I really do hope these last a lot longer than that as I can easily do 10,000 steps in a day and on the wedding day going out for photos and moving round the venue I might have to save these as just strictly evening shoes when the lights dim and they can sparkle and light up to their full potential.

Overall, I would buy these a hundred times over, at £150 they aren’t cheap, but considering the electronics in them, the Disney license fees and then the fact the irregular choice can be £70-90 ish anyway, I think they are a total steal and expected them to be a lot more than £150 and was prepared to pay more too if they had of been. I literally feel like a princess in these shoes, and when I have my princess dress and princess shoes on the wedding day, I won’t care about anything else but seeing my prince at the bottom of the aisle and saying 'I do'!


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