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Givenchy Antigona studded bag

For someone who doesn't have a great amount of spare cash to spend on extravagant things, I have recently purchased the most expensive thing I now own (other than my wedding dress!). It took me a long time to save and debate what I really wanted, but I knew as soon as I saw this bag that I needed it! I also spent the couple of days waiting for the delivery reminding myself that if the bag was 100% something I instantly loved when I first opened it was going straight back!

I opened up the box to be greeted with a gorgeous white dust bag with 'Givenchy Paris' written on the front. The bag is a beautiful quality leather with silver studding and silver logo writing on the bag to give it dimension and character. The strap for the bag has little studs that poke through the holes to adjust the length of the strap and silver metal D ring shaped clips to connect them to the bag.

My first impression of the bag was that it was slightly smaller than I had anticipated, despite using the measurements to guess the size. However, it was still a really nice size and also means I wont fill it too full and will only carry the essentials I need. I didn't want something too big as I didn't want to end up over filling the bag and carrying a lot of heavy stuff with me unnecessarily.

I do feel I am probably a little too careful with the bag which does mean I take it out a little less often than I would like too, but I will gradually become more comfortable taking it out and getting to know that it wont get ruined! I think I am just protective over everything I own and want to be sure I wont accidentally damage things. I also wouldn't take it to work as I spend a lot of time moving around crowded places and just take a cheap small handbag that doesn't matter if it gets bashed and scratched on a wall.

The bag is really sturdy and has held it shape, as well as feeling like it will keep looking structured for a long time. I love they way it pairs with any outfit and looks classic but edgy because of it classic black colour, and silver hardware. I love the big chunky zip on the bag it feels very sturdy and is easy to open and close the bag without fear of it becoming damaged or being flimsy.

Overall I am very pleased with this handbag, I love the size, the shape and everything about it. If I had the spare money I love it enough to buy it in a second colour, however I probably would opt for a different style of bag if I was to spend this sort of money again on a bag. They do not do this exact bag anymore, but they have brought out one this year with a similar studded detail on the bag if you want to check that out here. I appreciate at the price it is it isn't cheap and may not be for everyone, and I never thought I would be able to get on, or have the spare money saved to bite the bullet, but when I saw it said '2 left in stock' I had to at least order it and see, and I loved it too much to send back!


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