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Get date night box; Chocolate heaven

When I saw the get date night box pop up on my Instagram feed and I started to see bloggers with the sample boxes pre-release I thought it seemed like an amazing idea! A night in and everything you need is already in the box to have a new or exciting date experience. I signed up to be notified straight away when they launched and this allowed me to get 50% off my first box. It arrived this week and I can't wait to show you what was inside!

When you sign up it asks for your name and your partners name, this means you can have the personalised card just like this one above, which then has the instructions of what the date night is and why they put it as a date night option. Also when you sign up you are given six options to rank in order from most likely to enjoy to least likely to enjoy. This helps them to see what you might enjoy doing; if you hate wine tasting but love chocolate it would be disappointing to receive a box full of wine to taste that you won't enjoy. My fiancé is a total chocoholic and I ranked chocolate first for that reason, and we did get the chocolate box.

When I opened the box it had the cards for what all the chocolate were, and the cards for setting out the chocolate on for tasting, as you will see below. There was also all the goodies above, a box of chocolates in colourful wrappers for chocolate tasting, two hot chocolate stirrers, some chocolate thins, some white chocolate buttons and a bottle of alcohol free wine. One of the questions when I signed up to order my box as do you drink alcohol, in a bid to avoid the wine tasting box that I knew we would not enjoy as we don't really drink wine much, and so I pressed 'no'. I missed out on a mini bottle of prosecco there! Ooops. oh well!

We took the box upstairs and had the chocolate while watching a film in our pyjamas making sure we were chilled out and ready to enjoy the date, and so we didn't realise one of the steps was to melt the white chocolate buttons and dip the top of the glass into it to get a new experience when drinking the prosecco (or alcohol free wine...) So we just drank it as normal. 

We then got out the chocolates and the tasting board as well as the score sheet where we could say the smell, taste,  look and feel o the chocolate and scoring them out of five for if we liked them or not. I really like the idea of 'blind' tasting them, not knowing what they are gives you no reason to have a predetermined idea that you won't like it, and allows you to explore new flavours.

Here is the game board set out, we went in the order below on the results, black, purple, light pink, pink, lilac and blue. For the black wrapper, we thought it was some sort of alcohol flavour chocolate and couldn't work out what the taste was. The purple one we thought might be orange, we could detect the citrus but was unsure of the flavour. For the pale pink we thought it was ok, but couldn't detect the flavour so was clueless except a hint that it might be fruity? The dark pink smelt of mint and we could identify it fully as soon as we tasted it. For the lilac I could tell it was chilli from the flakes it had in the top, and the scent, but my fiance couldn't tell what it was, he later realised it was the lime he could taste in it once we knew what they were. The last one, blue, was easy to identify and from the scent we thought toffee or caramel, and once we tasted it we knew it to be caramel. 

If you want to see what we got wrong, here is the list of what they actually were to compare our answers too. It was so much fun and I was most surprised by the honey one, but I don't eat honey very often so I am not familiar with the taste much. It was really interesting to see how we each found them to taste a similar way despite them being something else. After we tasted each one and scored it we did talk about it and used water to clear the taste from our mouth so we didn't get the taste of the previous one mixed with the new one.

The hot chocolate stirrers were something I was very intrigued by, they seem like such a cool concept and are something I have seen a lot, but never thought to pick up, but this was the perfect time to try one! I made them for my fiance and I and they were so amazing! They made a rich hot chocolate with the milk, and was so easy. I heated the milk and then just poured it into the mugs, then popped the spoon in and left it to melt, giving it a little stir now and again until the spoon was clear of chocolate and had made a creamy hot chocolate.

 The hot chocolate was so nice, as was the rest of the box! I was so pleased with this, I got my box for £20 instead of the £40 subscription, I did really enjoy the experience and I think I would have been happy paying £40 for what we got, but at this time, with the wedding and Christmas fast approaching I won't be renewing the subscription for next month, just due to wanting to put all the extra cash towards the wedding and honeymoon to make sure we have the most fun we can. However it is something I will look into in the new year to see if I want to start it up again as I did really love the experience, as did my fiance!


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