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Alexander Mcqueen perfume

I am a huge fan of Alexander McQueen and the brand as a whole, I would buy a lot of the collection and constantly lust after a clutch bag I know would be too small for my liking, but so pretty I would pop it on a shelf and just stare at it. When I saw there was a perfume I knew I had to smell it! I went to every store I could within my local area and nowhere had it for me to smell, and I knew I couldn't buy it without smelling it in case I didn't like it. Debenhams do a really cool offer on a selected amount of stock where you get a try it first sample when you buy the product, if you don't like it you return the full size sealed and unused for a refund. So knowing I might add it to my Christmas list I got the sample and returned the full price stock. Cheeky!

The sample comes in a lovely glass spray bottle and has a really good amount of product inside which gives you a few times to try it and see what you think of it to try it out properly if you are unsure. I didn't know from the description of the scent what I would think to the perfume, so this is why I got the sample. The notes are;
Black pepper, clove and pink pepper, layered on delicate petals of night blooming flowers, Sambac jasmine melts in an embrace of tuberose wrapped in an exotic spiciness of highest ylang ylang.
Now, I'm rubbish at scents, I barely know what anything smells like, never mind tuberose and night blooming flowers, because I'm terrible at describing scents.

I will go ahead and say I am not the biggest fan of floral scents, but it is more rose and lavender that I try to steer away from as I can find these a little too over powering, but thought this still sounded lovely.
The scent is a very sophisticated mature scent without being too much of an older scent. It is a strong scent that really gives a good amount of scent from just one or two sprays and the scent really does stay on the skin for a long time which I really like from my perfumes. The scent is quite an evening perfume, but is more of a dinner date than a clubbing perfume. 

I go back and forth with this perfume it is quite a musky evening type scent that has a floral scent. It is quite powerful and I do think it would be too much for day time, unless you are used to a heavier perfume, I think Victor and Rolf flower bomb is a heavier scent due to the strength it give off from one or two sprays. When I first smelt this, I didn't like the scent, it isn't the sort of thing I would go for and the strength of it made it a little over powering but wearing it again I quite like it, its not one I might buy just yet but I think using the sample will give me a better idea of if I would use it for its full potential if I was to buy it. I could imagine myself going out for dinner with this on, but I'm more of a stay home in my pj's kinda person, so fear I wouldn't get the use I want out of this perfume. However if you like the sound of the scent it is really amazing and the lasting power is perfect. You could even do what I did and order it to try the sample if you think it will be up your street!


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