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A personalized Christmas gift

Getting a Christmas gift for someone can be one of the trickiest things, or sometimes you can buy what they want, but maybe it just doesn't seem as special as you hoped it would. Well what if you could add a personal touch to surprise the person when they open it? Luckily Boots have us covered this Christmas and can personalise just about anything they stock! I was lusting after a new perfume for my wedding, so I went to test it out!

When you are shopping, most things can be personalised, but if you want to be totally sure, you can ask a colleague before you get to the check out just to be sure you wont be disappointed. I saw the service and so decided I wanted my wedding day perfume engraved with the special date to make it even more personal to me, and something no one else would have, as well as being sentimental.

I picked out the Marc Jacobs Daisy dream forever perfume, I have the original daisy dream and love it and this one, while different, it also lovely. I had sprayed almost every perfume in store to narrow it down and eventually decided I liked this one best and it would suit my taste as well as my fiancé's too.

When you take the product to the till, you just ask them to add on the price of the engraving to your purchase. Engraving is £3 extra and you can have almost anything written on the product, depending on the size of the product and the amount you want writing. I went for a simple date, so I knew it would fit.

You go from the till point with your item and receipt to the engraving station, the staff member who served me took me over but this may vary from store to store. The lady was lovely, asked what I wanted on my perfume bottle, advised me on what would fit and where might be nice to place it and was all round amazing service.

I gave the lady the perfume bottle, and she put it into the machine and lined up the tool to make sure it was in line with the bottle. I was nervous, I've never had anything engraved, and certainly never been and watched something be engraved, so I was intrigued too. The first attempt did not work correctly, it came out unreadable, so the lady got another bottle and the second attempt was also unreadable. Again the lady got another bottle off the shelf and was happy to write off the others as it was her fault the machine hadn't engraved it properly. The third one was the one I kept, I was sop pleased with the engraving, it came out well and looks really good. I was then asked if I wanted the engraving colouring, there was silver, gold or black to choose from, so I went with silver as silver and blue are the colours we have picked for the wedding. This set the engraving off nice and made it look complete.

The are so many things in store that can be personalised, from make up brushes, perfume, lipsticks, pallets etc, and at just £3, it is affordable and makes the gift totally unique! I will definitely be using this service again, and although I am unsure if it is permanent or just for Christmas it is well worth checking out, they also have samples on display to show what they look like when they have been engraved so you can look before you commit to having your product engraved.


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