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Sleek lip VIP Elite

As mentioned in my September favourites, I have been loving deep berry lips this fall and I really wanted to try something new and embrace the colours, after seeing Candice on The Great British Bake off do so. I headed to Boots with my mum who I knew would offer good advice on which colour to settle on, and after trying every purple lip colour I could see, I settled on this one from Sleek.

The rich colour and semi matte formula sold me on this one as the colour looked deep and vibrant, as well as having a bit of shine, and the staying power of a matte lipstick. The colour is a deep purple that reminds me of crushed berries, and the jewel tones that usually make a statement in autumn. The colour is really out of my comfort zone so I wanted something affordable, but still the exact colour I was hoping for, as I wanted to be able to ease it into my comfortable lip colour family without spending a lot if I decided it wasn't going to suit me.

The packaging makes the product easy to find in my drawer and easy to distinguish from other lip products from sleek as it has a clear section at the bottom of the lipstick which allows you to see the colour and determine if it is the correct one you are looking for.

The colour glides on the lips easily and effortlessly, however if you go over the same area more than once it can leave small areas that look a little patchy or less neat than I was hoping for. One applied and had a little touch up to make it look an even colour, it did look really nice on the lips and I felt more comfortable than I thought I would. I couldn't feel the product on my lips, it didn't feel drying, or sticky it just felt a little more smooth when I rubbed my lips together.

The colour had decent lasting power and was nice on the lips, it did come off almost completely when I was eating, but I don't find there are many that do stay on when I eat, so I can't complain too much and I am willing to touch up after food. I did feel it wore a little patchy on the lips and I could only wear it for about 3 or so hours before having to reapply to keep it looking its best, but I would usually be eating by then, so I guess its just about keeping on top of it and making sure you are happy with the way it wears and knowing when to top it up for keeping it deep and vibrant.


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