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Revlon colourstay foundation

Revlon colourstay foundation has been on my 'to try' list for a long time and I never got round to picking it up, so last month I made a point of buying it when it was on the three for two offer. I picked up both formulas as I have drier skin in winter and combination skin in the warmer months, so as we were between seasons I got both formulas and the primer to try in hopes that it may be a contender for my wedding.

I swatched the lightest shades on my hands to see if they looked like they would match and after a little play and a quick colour match I determined they would be fine and would look ok on the skin. I had to get the lightest shades which I expected as some of the lightest shads in other foundations have been too dark in the past.

The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump, it didn't used to but they recently repackaged it to have a pump which is much easier to function with when doing your make up. The pump gives a nice amount of product out with each pump, and depending on the coverage I am aiming to achieve I used about 2 pumps to cover my whole face and blend down my neck.

The foundation applies beautifully without a primer and lasted all day on my skin showing minimal signs of wear which I really liked, and wearing it for a few days in a row didn't make me break out or show any signs of making my skin feel different. The foundation set in place with a powder giving a soft finish and leaving the skin looking and feeling natural and flawless which I loved as I always want my skin to look effortless and as though it is naturally blemish free.

The satin finish adds a subtle glow to the skin that can be added to with highlight or powdered down to look more matte. I do add some powder to the foundation just to keep it set in place all day and reduce the risk of it melting off the skin during the day, although this hasn't been an issue. The foundation sits lovely on the skin  and is in the running for my wedding day unless I find something I like more when I battle them out against each other!

At £12.99 a bottle it isn't the cheapest drugstore foundation on the market, but it works well and I am glad I finally got around to trying it. I have got both formulas and will be testing them out on my skin to see which one I like best and will go on to repurchase just one of the two formulas in the future, but I will do a post on the other formula, combination/oily for the sake of a comparison incase you are like me and steer more towards the finish than the skin type, as I find it hard to pin down my skin type.


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