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Real techniques brush cleansing gel

I have always been a fan of the Real Techniques brushes since they were first released and I got my hands on my first set. Using the brushes meant I had to clean them, and a lot of people say you can use baby shampoo which I have done on several occasions in the past, until this was released and I managed to get my hands on it. I particularly wanted this one other than a different brand because it was made by the same brand who put the brushes together, so it will work in perfect harmony with the brushes themselves.

The gel is clear which makes it really easy to see it change colour as it gets dirty and draws all the make up out of the brush, as well as seeing when no more make up is coming out of the brush. The gel is really easy to work with and definitely gets into the brush and works the product out without needing to work with the brush too much.

The gel smells pleasant and is nice to use, as well as leaving the brushes soft, clean and with a fresh boost of life from the cleansing. I have used these in conjunction with the silicon brush cleansing pallet and I will do a review of that soon to show if I think it is worth getting or not. I have not experienced any negative effects while using this cleanser, I haven't noticed any shedding or misshaping of the brushes, and they always feel completely clean and like new when I use this on them.

Overall, I love using this cleaning gel, it is my favourite way to wash the brushes and I would only go back to baby shampoo if I ran out of this and really needed to clean my brushes. However I would always put this onto my shopping list to know I would have it when I cleaned them again. At £7.50 for 150ml I think it is really reasonably priced and is worth getting to try if your considering, as I really don't think you will be disappointed.


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