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October favourites

First of all, can we talk about how fast the months are going. I gt married before this year is out and I am coming to realise just how close the end of the year is, which means the wedding is not too far away! I have had a lot of favourites this month and there have been a lot of things I have been loving this month.

One of my top favourites this month is the Lush monster ball bath bomb, it was so amazing in the bath and I loved it so much I went back to buy another! I have been loving lush bath bombs on the whole this month, I haven't used them for the longest time and then with Halloween and Christmas it made me want to go and buy a load of them and so I have used up quite a few this month and will be the next two months too.

Another thing I have been loving is my Urban Decay Naked pallet, the original, I pulled this out a few weeks ago when I remembered about a few colours in it I used to love and I remembered how much I actually love this pallet! I will have this out loads over the next few months and leading up to Christmas it has some amazing colours in that I have loved since I first got the pallet! Along with make up, I bought the Kat Von D liquid liner this month, and let me tell you it is amazing! I go it in a set that I will be reviewing soon but I am so impressed with this I couldn't not talk about it here

I have also been loving candles, I go through stages where I light them all the time and then have a time where I don't light them for ages. This month has been a candle month and I am so excited to have a pretty smelling home and have had loads of different scents to use and burn, as well as a lot of pretty holders for the candles themselves. Above is a beautiful set I got from boots on offer for £23 but it literally sold out almost immediately so I didn't get chance to share it with you as an offer.

This month I also got invited to the Rush hair salon opening in Nottingham, I had a fantastic time, it was lovely to meet the stylists and also to get some ideas and inspiration from the hair stylists. I had an up do done with an idea for my wedding in mind, and they were so helpful

My last favourite this month has been spending quality time with people, my cousin and family threw me a hen party this month and I was so grateful, it was amazing to spend some time with them and they made it so lovely for me. I also spent some quality time with my fiance this month, we sometimes get so busy with our jobs and the gym, I do an extra workout class that he doesn't do one evening, he wants to do his thing and then I want to blog, so we made a point of doing some nice things and one of those was pumpkin carving. I have never done this before and my fiance hasn't either. I was never into Halloween and so I never made a fuss but this year I feel so autumnal and festive I really wanted to, so here is a picture of the two we did. Mine is the left, a classic jack o lantern for my first ever pumpkin and his a skeleton which he thought was rubbish, but totally puts mine to shame with the detail and effort he put into his!


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