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October empties

This month I am quite excited by how much stuff I have used up, I am really trying to get down my collection of bath and body products and just want to use things up before it gets old and expires, and its very satisfying to see them being used up and got through. It also means the more I use up the sooner I get to focus on buying new products and trying out lots of new fun things!

We will start with the thing I can't show you the empty of, the Lush products, you can see a couple of bags above. I have used up five this month, cue this being due to wanting to review all of the Halloween ones before Halloween. I have used the Autumn leaf, I adored this one and would definitely recommend it if you still can get hold of the Halloween range. Northern lights was also beautiful and really relaxing and enjoying to use and I might consider this if I didn't want to focus on the Christmas range from here on out. The boo bath melt was very underwhelming and I wouldn't recommend him, I didn't like the scent and it didn't do anything special in the water. The pumpkin was lovely, a bright orange bath that was very Halloween themed, smelt lovely and I would get again. Finally, saving the best till last, monsters ball. This is by far the best bath product I have used that I can ever remember, I loved the scent, the pattern it made in the water was stunning and the bath water was a beautiful purple shade. Although I wanted to focus on the Christmas range now I did have to get one more of the monsters ball as I loved him way too much!

 Moving on to skin care and beauty tools, I have the benefit porefessional mask, I reviewed this when I used it here, and I wasn't keen, so I wont buy these again. I then have the Ole Henriksen truth to go wipes, everyone raves about these and they are OK, if I got them again, I think they are in the advent calendar I have bought, I will use them, but I do not think they are amazing or anything special for the price, however I will only use these on the laziest days or if I travel. I then have a Nivea deodorant, I like the stick ones best and I really like the way this works so I continue to buy a variation of these from the range. I then have a Nivea Q10 eye roll on, I didn't really see results from this, but I used it up just to be able to get rid of it and move onto other things. I then have a very gross looking real techniques blending sponge, its seen its day, I love them they work so well and I use them on every day that I wear make up, so I get through them quite quickly!

 Moving on to hair and body, I have a Mark Hill hairspray, I have had this on my shelf a while too, I don't use a lot of hairspray so it took a while to use up, but it is nice and worked well so I would go back to this brand for more hairspray. I then have the Richard ward keratin volume shampoo and conditioner, I did like these,m a review will be up this week of them to talk more in depth about them. I then have the body shop raspberry body scrub. I really did love this I thought it was really good, it smelt so nice and the formula was lovely. I love using stuff from the body shop and do go back to them when I need bath stuff.

Lastly for beauty I have the eyeko black magic mascara, I did like this but it wasn't a stand out product for me, I would pick it up again, but it isn't one I would go out of my way for. Again with the No7 extreme length extend, this was nice but nothing that I would go out of my way for again. I then have the seventeen tattoo me liquid liner, this is amazing, it stays on really well and looks great, however it is a pain to get off so if you go wrong it can be hard to correct, and when you come to wash it off you need a good make up remover to get rid of it! I then have the W7 paint the line, this is the first gel liner I used, and it was great but its seen its day and is all dried out, so its time to part and get rid!

I have used up a mix of things this month and I am really pleased with all of them, I cant wait to use up some more things next month in my clear out process and then get to go shopping and try lots of new things!


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