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Lush Pumpkin bath bomb

The lush pumpkin bath bomb is the one I was most excited for and was the most Halloweeny of the ones I had picked to review, along with the ghost. When my mum and I went to store we both knew we wanted to try this one and he was completely out of stock, so it shows he was one of the most popular from the range. We decided we would make an online order to get one each because we knew we would both love it. 

The bath bomb has a lovely scent to it, the pumpkin pie and spice scents give it a warming scent, while the vanilla absolute gives it a sweet element that comes together perfectly. I could easily use this scent every time I bath as I really do love it. Although the Lush site doesn't directly say it I am sure there is a scent of orange in this bath bomb, so definitely give it a smell if your by lush as I'm sure you wont be disappointed if this sounds like it may be up your street. 

When the bath bomb was dropped into the water it didn't fizz on the surface as some bath bombs do, it immediately sank to the bottom, so unsuspecting me had to fish it out and bring it to the top for photos, as you can see above. The water immediately became a beautiful orange colour that truly encases the pumpkin theme and feel of the bath bomb, and was exactly what I was expecting the result to be.

This has to be one of my favourite from this years lush range, I have the monsters ball left to try out and my review of that will be up later this week, but so far I think in terms of Halloween this truly captures the theme and, in my opinion, the essence of the main elements of the holiday. If I get the chance I might pick up another of these just for the scent and how much I enjoyed using the bath bomb itself, but I am not sure I will have chance to go to store before Halloween. 


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