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Lush northern lights bath bomb

Lush are a brand I love, especially at peak holidays when they release special collections for times like Halloween, Christmas, Easter and valentines. I love browsing all the cute ideas from the holiday range and love the way some come back year after year as firm favourites among the lush loving community and the new ones always catch my eye and make me want to buy them all to try out and have a go with. I had the Northern lights bath bomb when it was out last year, and was so excited to be able to pick one up again this year. 

The bath bomb has the scent of ylang ylang and jasmine and has a floral note to the smell. It smells really nice and the bath bomb allowed the scent to fill the room once it began to fizz away in the water.

The bath bomb fizzed away leaving a trail of blue out of one side and a trail of yellow from the other with a distinct purple fizz in the centre of the bath bomb's fizz. As the bath bomb fizzed away into the bath, the colour of the water changed to a green colour as the blue and yellow sides mixed together to make one colour in the water. You can see the bath becoming a green tinge in the pictures below.

Once the bath bomb had fizzed away and I had got into the bath and the water mixed to one consistent colour, it became a deep dark colour, almost like the night sky which I thought was quite pretty and apt for the name of the bath bomb. Northern lights, makes me think of the aurora borealis which has a distinct colour spectrum of purples and green/yellows and those are echoed through the bath bomb as it fizzes away around the bath, the deep colour it leaves behind is reminiscent of the nights sky the northern lights grace in the evening.

The water was beautiful and I really enjoyed the bath bomb, I laid in the bath and spent over an hour and a half relaxing away with the beautiful water surrounding me and the scent lingering in the room. I watched Sweeney Todd as I relaxed in the bath and drifted away to a place that felt a thousand miles away, hoping that one day I would be able to see the real northern lights if I am lucky!

Overall, I have bought this for a second year and know I really like this one. Despite a few changes in the way it looks, it is quite special in the water and gives an element of surprise with the changes in colour and the effect it gives. I might pick up some more of these if I get chance to head back to lush while they still have them, but I don't think I will be in store until after Halloween and bonfire night, so I might not be able to get my hands on any more. This being said, if it was to come out next year I would pick it up again.


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