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Lush Monsters ball bath bomb

The monsters ball bath bomb was the bath bomb I was most excited to try, although the pumpkin was the most Halloween themed, this one was way more up my street and I knew it would make a really pretty pattern as it fizzed away and knew the bath water would look so pretty when it was fizzed away and mixed into the water. I was not disappointed!

The bath bomb is a beautiful pink colour, with blue ears poking out the top of his head and one yellow cyclopes like eye on the front of his head. He's one of the cutest monsters I have ever seen, and a little reminiscent of Monsters Inc, I do love that film! He is super cute and one I knew I couldn't not grab while he was there this Halloween.

 As he drops into the water his main body fizzes away a beautiful pink colour, with his ears creating streaks of blue across the pink to mix into the pink to create a pattern. I love the way this looks as he floats around gently fizzing and dissolving to create a sea of what I thought would be pink water.

 The bath bomb smells clean and uplifting with a fresh scent, and the lime oil giving it a more fruity, citrus edge. I love the scent and really would buy shower gels that smell like this, or buy a large supply of these to allow me to use this several time again.

As the bath bomb finally fizzed away and left nothing but a sea of purple water I felt relaxed, the scent was lovely and I knew I could just relax and forget any cares or stresses in a beautifully scented bathroom in the beautiful purple water. I am a huge, huge fan of this bath bomb and would go so far as to say it is my favourite bath bomb I have ever used from Lush and I will be so sad to see it go, I am almost sure I will be stocking up on a few of these as I really want more.


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