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Lush Boo! bath melt

Lush Halloween comes an almost joint first with Lush Christmas, but I think the overall appeal and excitement of christmas makes it win, but the Lush Halloween is a thing of beauty. I saw this little ghost and knew immediately I wanted him and grabbed him quick to pop him into my basket and make sure I could take him home with me. A bath melt cross with a bubble bar, he is quite a lovely idea as most are just a melt, or just offer bubbles. 

The bath melt looks so lovely and although is a ghost, hes quite cute and not too scary! I love the way he looks and his expression is a lovely touch. I found the product easy to work with, and I did as suggested and ran him under the tap. I had to hold him as I had no other way of keeping in the running water, I have seen on Instagram that some people use a little tea strainer to hold them under the water, so I will get one.

The product melted really easily and created a good amount of bubbles in the water, I did expect it to be more of an oilier bath melt which would be more moisturizing, but I still really like the product and the way it works. I have to say I wasn't keen on the scent of this, it isn't horrible but I cannot describe what I mean for the scent. I started melting it under the tap and sat looking round the bathroom trying to work out what the weird smell was, until I realized it was this. As I say, not horrible just strange and not what I expected.

The scent was easy to get used to, and I didn't mind it once I had adjusted, and the bubbles were amazing, it was a lovely product and was more exciting than the original melt I thought it was when I got it, however I don't think I would pick him up again as there are other stuff in the autumn / Halloween range that I like more than this one!


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