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Lush Autumn leaf bath bomb

Autumn leaves is a lovely bath bomb which has a mixture of colours within the bath bomb, greens, oranges and yellows which really captures the essence of autumn leaves and the beautiful colours they display. It caught my eye as it is a little different to the other Halloween products as it is more focused on autumn than on the idea of scary and themed around pumpkins and ghosts. My favourite thing is walking through the leaves as they crunch underfoot and watching them fall from the trees as they change colour gradually.

The bath bomb has a mixed scent of Neroli, sandalwood and bergamot as well as having an underlying scent of freshly cut grass and smells really nice. It almost smells autumnal, although I can't fully describe what I mean by this, maybe it is the grassy element which makes it have the autumnal scent when there are lots of leaves on the floor crunching underfoot.

When put into the bath the bath bomb begins to swirl with the range of colours from the leaf leaving trails on oranges, yellows and greens as it slowly fizzes away. The bath turns a vibrant orange and looks beautiful in the water. The orange it leaves in the water mimics the sea of leaves on the floor in the height of autumn. It was lovely to lay in the water and the scent lifted into the room from the bath making it smell lovely.

When I emptied the water from the bath there wasn't any residue in the bath like there has been in the past from some of the bath bombs such as the ones with glitter or shimmer on them. 

This bath bomb was truly beautiful, I loved the way the colours spread out from the leaf to create a beautiful pattern in the water. I really liked the bath bomb and I will definitely try to get back to lush before the are gone to get some more if they have some left as it is one that I can see being a firm favourite from this Halloween and festive range, so I will be sad to see it go!


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