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Jon Richard Crystal and butterfly tiara

Jon Richard have a lot of nice bridal jewellery and their concession stand in Debenhams was a go to when I wanted a nice hair accessory for my wedding day. I feel they have a good range of headbands, tiaras, clips and fancy hair slides to have something that appeals to most brides and their tastes. Although my fiancé hasn't seen my dress, I was shopping with him when I decided I would pop in and look for one just to see what they have, and I asked him his opinion, and that is when he picked out two tiaras he liked best and then he settled on the one I have here. I will let you in on a secret, it matches my dress like it was always meant to be, which almost tells me he would have most likely picked my dress had he been given a say!

The tiara is made up of crystals, metal wire and clear beads threaded in. The tiara has some flowers towards the band and these come down a little to cascade onto the head, and then has a princess style mid height tiara top that looks a little bit like a crown which I love.

The tiara sits on the head in a way that is completely comfortable, and doesn't feel heavy or like it might be uncomfortable as the day goes on. The detail on the tiara is subtle when further away, but looks just a stunning both up close and from a distance. The way the tiara has the detailing set out allows it to be a statement piece which you could coordinate with floral details and butterflies if you wanted to incorporate it into the outfit, or, as I am, using it as an individual piece to compliment something with a slightly different pattern or style with some similar elements.

I am so pleased with the quality and attention to detail on the tiara, and I would definitely go back to Jon Richard if I was to look for more tiaras or hair accessories in the future! If you want the tiara I have show here you can find it linked here for £40, or you can follow the link to the site to browse more of what they have to offer!


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