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Jawbone UP 24

Just over a year ago my fiancé and I decided we wanted to start going to the gym, eating better and taking better care of ourselves in general. We decided an added extra to this would be to get a fitness tracker to help us keep on top of our workouts and feel better about ourselves and monitor our progress closely. I didn't know a lot about them last year, so when I saw the Jawbone UP 24 on offer from £100 down to £30 on Boots I couldn't pass up getting one for me and one for my fiancé. One year on I want to share my thoughts feelings and ideas on how it has been.

The fitness tracker is a great way to monitor steps, workouts and sleep patterns to understand you body better, and also you can track things such as food intake, although I tend not to bother with this as I know roughly what I eat anyway. The band has two modes, day mode and night mode with a button on one of the arms which you press and it changes from day to night to know to track sleep and not steps, or steps and not sleep. You can set a personal sleep goal and a personal step goal which you aim to reach everyday with progress being monitored by the app.

The main function we use this for is to track our steps and workouts, if you do a period of walking it will ask 'did you do a 20 minute activity' which you can click on and say whether it is walking, running or other options, and then say how intense that workout was, if it was a jog you can put run, easy, or if you were sprinting you can put it at a higher level. At first I tried to hit my step goal all the time, regularly checking it in the evening and having a walk around if I was almost at my 10,000 steps I had said I wanted to achieve, however, the novelty of this did wear off and now I use the reading it gives me at the end of the day, regardless of how many I have done.

The other thing we track regularly is our sleep, we are able to look back and see how man hours sleep we had, as well as seeing whether this is light sleep or deep sleep and how long we were awake for in between. The sleep tracking helps me to understand what sleep I have had, when a better bed time would be (you can set a goal for going to bed at night) and how I can improve my sleep patterns. For someone like me who is constantly tired it is great to have the option to look at this and see if I am more tired on some days and if my sleep pattern is linked to how I feel.

My fiancé and I loved our trackers, we had had then for about 8 months, when the button fell off the arm of my tracker meaning it became increasingly difficult to change the band from day mode to night mode, this became a real pain for me to do and I began to loose interest as it became a chore to do so. I have since found out that jawbone have a support form you can fill in if the button falls off.

As the band became harder to press the mechanism with the button on began to push further down inside the silicone sleeve until it was too far to press. I was so dissapointed in the quality. As you can see above it had started to split along both of the sides and the one with the Jawbone cap on the end is the charger which looks like an audio jack.

My fiance's band came to its end when he went topress the button and the lights wouldnt work, so he tried to manouver the band to make a connection and the part with the button connected fell ouit completely where the ribbon cable had become detatched from the rest of the band. It was about 2 weeks later when my band needed charging and I removed it that the charger point snapped where the split in the silicone is above and so rendering it unchargable.

For a product I have been careful with and have almost always worn long sleeves and had covered, due to always being cold, I am very disappointed with the quality. Not long after I purchased my fitness band my mum bought a fitbit and I have to say she has treated hers the same way I have mine and her band has held up perfectly, which makes me feel as though I should have initially picked fitbit.

I have emailed customer support and gave them the details of my product and the warranty/receipt and things like that, and so I am waiting to hear back from them and I will let you know how I get on and what is decided. I have my eye on the fitbit blaze as I love the design, however I just want the next fitness tracker to have the time on so I don't have to wear the tracker, a watch and then any other desired jewelry as I find it too much to wear it together.

Overall, I like the product, I am just sad it only lasted a year before it became something I could barely use, I do miss it as I am no longer able to wear it, but I will be looking into another soon when I am able to go and see them in store or see someones in person.



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