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Glitter and the moon vintage pajamas

My upcoming wedding means I have been on the hunt for some lovely pyjamas to take on honeymoon with me, nothing to sexy, but also not just plain and standard like my normal comfy pajamas are. It wasn't until I went to the Nottingham Alzheimer meet up and I was lucky enough to win these in the raffle that I found what I didn't know I was looking for. I wouldn't wear these out, but they are far too pretty not to do a post on.

Glitter and the moon are a brand I hadn't discovered until I was at the meet up and won the pajamas, but I have to say they are a brand I will definitely be looking to and sharing for when someone I know wants beautiful pajamas or when I want to treat myself to some indulgent nightwear.

The set I got are the Snow globe cities set in cherry red satin, and I have to say, by pure chance, they are the exact set I would have chosen! I adore Christmas, snow and anything wintery and so snow globes capture that perfectly. The cities listed on the side are all ones I would love to visit or have, and the single Paris snow globe on the bum is iconic to my relationship as it is the first holiday we ever went on together so they capture the essence of our relationship perfectly, if only coincidentally.

The bed jacket is a beautiful high quality satin the feels so beautiful to touch and is comfortable and easy to wear. The jacket is open fronted with a tie at the neck of the jacket to secure it together. I tie this with a simple bow and wear it like so, or I will put a vest top under the jacket in order to add an extra layer on particularly colder evenings or when I do not want to tie the jacket.

The French nickers are made of the same high quality fabric as the jacket and are easy and comfortable to wear. Although they are called French nickers they sound a lot shorter than they are and make a nice pair of shorts that cover yourself and would still be appropriate.

The stitching is faultless and the detailing that has been added on is clearly done with the upmost care and attention to detail of the final design. I love the way these look on, and I am in the process of considering a second pair with 'Bride' or Mrs ...' on for my wedding and honeymoon, so I will keep you posted on how that plays out!


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