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Benefit porefessional instant wipe out mask

The benefit porefessional mask is a really cool concept, the little package with the button on the from gives it a unique and interesting feature, I love that this is different and unique and makes it memorable, as well as intriguing, and I have wanted to try this out since I first saw them, so to win a couple at and event I went to was a perfect way to make me remember to try them out.

The button feature is quite satisfying to press and feel the product release onto the sheet mask within the package, I like this extra touch although I think it is maybe a little unnecessary as other companies don't leave the liquid and sheet parts separate until just before use so I do feel it may just be an extra step.

The sheet mask is only big enough to cover part of the face, either the forehead, nose and cheeks or the chin, meaning you can not cover the whole face with one mask, so if you have a lot of problem areas for pores or find you have issues surrounding your pores on multiple areas of the face you may find you need up to three masks at a time to make it work on all areas.

The mask is quite slippery on the face and doesn't seem to fix onto the face the way some other sheet masks do, so the best option for this is to lie down, I use these in the bath so laying down for 10 minutes wasn't a problem, I held my book, leaned back and read a chapter or two while I waited for it to work. This may be an issue if you do like to put on a face mask and do other things while you wait, for instance if you did a face mask and wanted top paint your nails or do some work on a computer or paper, it would slide off.

The liquid in the mask was quite strong and did have quite a heavy scent, it was almost menthol like but not as minty, maybe slightly herbal, but I couldn't place what the scent was. The scent did sting my eyes a little maybe because it was concentrated on my cheeks and nose near to my eyes, but I wouldn't expect a product to do this, and I wouldn't say I have sensitive eyes either.

While the mask felt tingly on the skin, it wasn't uncomfortable, just a little strange at first. You apply the smooth side of the mask to the face for 10 minutes and then use the rougher side to exfoliate, I left it on for maybe a little longer than the time as I was reading my book, and then used the rougher side all over my face.

I don't feel the mask had a great effect on my pores on my nose area where they are super bad, but I guess it would take more than one use to figure out if it did make a difference over a long period of time. I have an issue on the left side of my face where I get a really dry patch of skin, this didn't flare that up, although I did get a weird patch of red skin near to that area that looked a little blotchy. I can only put this down the to the face mask as I haven't used any other products which could cause this to happen. I am still unsure whether I will use the second one of the masks, but had I known it was going to react I would not of used it on a night where I was at work the next day.

Overall I was disappointed with the product, I would have liked it to cover more of the face, given that the packaging says it can minimise the look of pores on your nose, forehead and chin, which is almost impossible from the small strip of the mask you get in the package as you cant use it all over the face. Along with this, if I have reacted to the product I would be unable to use it again anyway, I feel the mask is on the pricier end of the spectrum at £24.50 for 8 masks, but if this one does work for you maybe it would be worth spending the money, however I will not be repurchasing this mask in the future. 


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