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B and M Essence candles

I would say I am a little bit of a candle lover, if I walk past them in a shop I will stop and smell half of them at least. So when I saw a few bloggers and YouTubers  mention that B and M had some amazing candles in for £2.99 I knew I couldn't pass up the chance to go and look. They had 2 Halloween ones, but they didn't grab me completely, and about 6 normal candles, but I didn't want to go overboard so I got two and can go back for more later on.

The candles are dual wick and I love this as it makes it burn a lot more evenly in my opinion, I cannot stand it when you burn a candle and it does that horrible thing where half the wax doesn't even become soft, never mind melt. However, I can report back that I did burn this for about 4 hours but it did burn evenly and so I am really pleased with that and definitely a plus point in my book.

The scents are true to what I would expect them too, the apple ones smells lovely and like an fresh crisp apple, so I love that, and the radiant red maple, although I can't place what this would smell like it ha a subtle sweetish hint to it in the back ground and a little bit musky or smokey, but blended together it smells amazing and a little warming. It reminds me of autumn and I love the way the scent fills the house.

I burnt the candle for about four hours as I said, this was to get the best idea of how the scent was and lasted as well as trying to burn this as evenly as I could without ruining the way it looked. The scent filled the room but wasn't over powering, if you left the room and came in the scent was instantly recognizable, but I could cook tea in my kitchen without the scent being overpowering or affecting the food.

The candle says it has a burn time of 25 hours, I cannot say for sure this is true or how this holds up in practice, as I cannot burn this for 25 hours to time it, and I have yet to work my way far enough down one of them to know how long they may last, however, I don't feel the few hours I have burned them has made much of a dent in the wax.

Overall, I am super happy with these candles, they are so affordable and easy to get hold of and I will definitely be back to B and M for more of these when I am in town! I cannot wait to see if they bring out any christmas candles like they did for Halloween, as I would definitely snap them up! Let me know if you pick up any of these and which others you recommend I try out!


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