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Autumn fashion haul

I've done some shopping over the past few weeks and I keep putting all my new stuff on my clothing rail in my spare room/office so I keep seeing them when I come into this room to blog and now the time has come to actually blog about them so I can get them off the rail and into my wardrobe and start wearing them! I have featured one of the jumpers on my instagram, @entirelysarah so if you want to pop over there and give me a follow I love posting! I can't wait to get into wearing all of these, as they are very autumn winter centered and I am loving that the seasons are changing and getting the days are getting a little colder now.

First up I have two jumpers, the one on the left is a gorgeous maroon coloured jumper with a beautiful metallic thread running through the knit of the jumper. The jumper is from Primark and was only £10 and as soon as I saw it when shopping with my mum I knew I had to have it and grabbed it quick to make sure I didn't have to go back for it. It was a bargain and I adore the colour for autumn so I can't wait to wear it! The next one is a beautiful knitted jumper in a similar colour, although the thread appears to be a maroon and black mixed knit which I love as it makes it more textured and interesting. I love the way this has a beautiful squirrel knitted into the front with a little black pompom nose and then a fur material sewn onto the top for its tail. I love interesting jumpers for autumn and winter as once it gets cold I always end up in jumpers so I like them to be interesting. This one was £16 from George at Asda so I was able to pick it up with my food shopping. 

The first top on my rail here is a shirt from Asda, this is one my mum spotted while she was doing some shopping and i came out of work to a text saying she had bought me a new shirt. I wear shirts all the time for work and this is a really pretty floral and butterfly print that is has a hint of autumn with the tones and colours and so I cannot wait to wear this for work. The next two tops are graphic t shirts from the online store Qwertee. The website run 3 tops a day at £8 each, they last for 24 hours and then go onto a last chance top section for £10 for 24 hours and then they are gone, so they change daily, meaning I have missed so many amazing tops by forgetting to check the site daily. When my fiance sent me the link to these two tops on the £8 each section I knew I needed them, Sweeney Todd and Edward scissorhands are two of my favourite films and these tops are so cool I cannot wait to make outfits with them! I'd recommend checking out the site, but as I say you can only get them for about 48 hours in total so you have to be quick, and these are long gone now!

My friends birthday is this month and I had nothing to wear at all, I had been eyeing this skirt from Chi Chi and is the Anika skirt and as at £45 I loved it but had no event to go to and definitely could not justify it. When my friend invited me to her party and I had to find something to wear I was browsing the usual clothes sites I go to for going out clothes and saw this had gone down to £19.99 I almost jumped for joy! A perfect reason to wear it, and the perfect bargain price! I am so excited to style it and show you an outfit of the day when I go out!

I have been searching for the perfect winter coat for a while now, and had little success, until I saw this one. I was on Very having a look what was new and I came across this coat. I get really cold in winter, I am almost cold blooded for how cold I get, even in summer, so a substantial winter coat is essential. I love the plain black element to the coat it will go with most things and I can add a colourful scarf to amp up the impact of the outfit if I wanted to add some colour. The faux fur collar is detachable so if I change my mind on the fur look I can always take it off. The black coat is the perfect style I love, it is a little longer and covers my bum which i love as it gives me a lot of extra warmth around my body, and has the tie waist to give me some shape. The coat is £70 so is a bit of an investment, however I will be able to wear this year after year and I want to start getting some nice timeless pieces I can keep year after year to be staples in my wardrobe. 

Last up I have a pair of pajamas, I love getting new pajamas in winter and when I saw these for £8 in Primark I knew they were the ones I had to have! I love the pink and navy check and I think they will be so comfy and nice for winter I can't wait to put these on now and cuddle up on the sofa and watch a film before bed. I love pajamas and so I always try to get new ones and at £8 they are really affordable and they have a lot of options to choose from, especially as the colder months start to come.

What things have you bought recently?


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