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Asda Halloween face transfer

I am not hugely into Halloween, but I do like to dabble now and then, but I'm not one for having a party or anything along those lines, in fact I never really used to go trick or treating or anything like that, but I wanted to do a little bit of something on here relating to Halloween costumes and such, without going overboard. I love masquerade masks and have always wanted a masquerade party, and when I saw this transfer it reminded me of that as well as the face lace products you can get, and for £2 I couldn't pass up and opportunity to try this.

I decided I would do my normal make up and put this on over the top, I had done some nice make up for going shopping the day I put this on in the evening so I left on what I had already got on, but added a red lip to make it a little more dramatic.  It would be easy to do a look and shade in the gaps in the face transfer with colour to make it look more colourful or match to your outfit.

The mask felt good quality and although I was apprehensive to pull it off the backing it pulled off easily in one strip which felt thick and sturdy. It was easy to manouver around and to hold, as well as to stick, and restick while still being secure once on.

The design is made on a flat surface and cut to make the design on the flat sheet. This means that the design should lay flat, o when you try and shape it on the face it does not sit the way it should. This made it difficult to put on in a way that I was happy with and it did get taken off and put back on a few times in order to get it on properly, or the best I could.

The design looked ok from afar and I could have got away with it at a party but on a close up you can see below it is pulling away from the skin on the part above my eyebrow and on the edge towards my hair. I do think its good for £2 if your short on a costume, but it just didn't seem to stick and look as good as I hoped when I bought it. I think I would have rather spent a few pound more and got a masquarade mask I could keep and reuse again.


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