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Virtue energy water; Berries

I'm not the biggest buyer of energy drinks, and to be honest I only really drink coffee for the taste and not for energy, not that I get a boost from it! However stumbling upon this energy drink in my goody bag last month I decided it appealed, being a natural more healthy alternative and just curiosity and having it made me want to try it.

These energy drinks come in 250ml cans which I think is a nice size and seems to last a nice length of time and quench your thirst well, although they aren't as big as a normal 330ml can. The can is very minimal looking and has the logo and branding with the flavor on the front easy to read and clear to see with minimal effort if you were picking it up in a hurry in a store.

The drink had the main taste of sparkling water but the taste of berries was quite prominent when you first take a drink and then the taste of sparkling water is left behind. The drink has a sweet element from the berries but doesn't have the overly sweet taste of some of the ones on the market that are full of sugar and sweeteners.

Although sparkling water isn't my preferred drink choice, this was still quite nice and the idea that it is a more natural energy drink means I would probably look more towards this brand if I was to be looking to buy and energy drink, however, I usually opt for water if I am out and about and looking for a drink.

These drink retail at £1.35 for a 250ml can and can be found at Ocado, Amazon, Holland and Barett and more store listed on the site here.


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