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Urban Decay Moondust Palette

When I first saw this was launching I was adamant I needed it, and my fiance was adamant I didn't... I was on the fence about it for a while and then recently I went to the Urban decay event in Nottingham and seeing it in person I knew if I didn't get it I may regret it forever! Ok, maybe just regret it for a little while. I am not overly colorful with my make up on a regular basis, but I do love a bit of glitter and having this palette has made me want to play with color more and add in the shadows more.

The palette has a beautiful outer packaging to it. It is matte and slightly rough in texture, a dark grey base with silver glitter all over it which is sealed in to stop it transferring off the palette. The Urban Decay lettering is raised and in black while the Moon dust name is engraved with a highly reflective silver for the lettering. The palette has a strong magnetic closure which means you don't have to worry about it coming open if you are traveling with this palette, as well as having a mirror which fills the lid of the palette, so again perfect for either travel or for using to do your make up in.

The colors in the palette are of a good range and will mean you can create a lot of different looks with these colors, but you will probably want another palette or some other eye shadows to use alongside this one to create a full look.

One the top row of the palette we have: Specter; a light warm toned pink. Element; a bright pink with an orange duo chrome. Magnetic; a purple. Lightyear; a bright mid green.

On the bottom row we have; Granite; a medium grey. Lithium; a warm bronze. Vega; a medium bright blue. Galaxy a deep grey with a teal shimmer.

I think these colors are so stunning and I have used quite a few of the colors on my eyes already, and also used a small amount of specter as a cheek bone highlight when going out in the evening the other day, so at least this has a bit more versatility within the palette.

The colors are very well pigmented, but if you want maximum pigmentation using them wet is a great way to increase the intensity of the color on the eyes. I have however swatched these all dry above to show what they would look like if you tested it in store. I love the way these look on the eyes, I am a total sucker for glitter and I love getting stuck into this palette and playing with the colors. I have used the colors dry and really packed on the color and built it up for a more intense color, but you get the same effect using it wet with less effort. I get some on my brush and spray it with a make up primer spray, or something like mac fix plus or water to dampen it rather then soak it, and it goes on so beautifully with maximum pigmentation and I love them.

I will admit I had a moment where I didn't know if I did regret buying the palette when I looked at it for a while and realised I may not be confident enough to actually wear the colors to their full potential. However, I love the palette and I know it is just a confidence thing, so I am making a point of getting this palette out and using it to try and wear all the colors as soon as I can, I do not regret my purchase, it is so beautiful and even my fiance who took a look and though it was unwearable is converted to how pretty this is and how stunning it actually looks when worn, as well as how 'wearable' they look on the eyes and not too glitter ball.


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