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The Luxe Life by Fleur de Force

Having had the first book from Fleur, The glam guide, I knew I wanted to get the new book when it came out, so not only did I pre-order it, but the signed copy was on offer for less money than the non signed copy, so naturally I got the signed copy! At the time of writing this the signed copy was still in stock here, so if you do want to get your hands on this book you can, even if you opt to have a non signed copy.

On the cover it says 'Everyday luxuries for lovers of beauty, fashion and food.' I love the idea that this book not only covers beauty and fashion which I love, but also food, which I will admit I love more than beauty and fashion combined, so this is a perfect read for me. I often read novels, but love the idea of these more coffee table, easy to read style books which you can dip in and out of when you have five minutes or want to focus on the section relevant to the event, or look you are focused on at that time.

The book is divided into nine section on the cover, the first is an introduction o give you more background on the book and explain the purpose and goals of what the book is about and wants to achieve.
The black tie beauty section covers a wide range of make up looks, tips on using color, fake tan tips, beauty hacks and all round beauty advice from product recommendations to application tips.
The Hollywood hair section gives the reader hair tutorials for styles with pictures to show how to do them, tips on using hair tools and products and what they do, and also quick fix hair tips for when you get caught short.
Front row fashion covers styles of clothing, day to night inspiration, some DIY's to try, tips on high heels and jewelry etc to make your look glamorous and luxe.
Luxe at home focuses on home decor, scenting your home and gives some great DIY's to try at home as well.
Perfect party food covers snacks, cocktails, dinner party main meals, veggie recipes, deserts and breakfast meals, what more could you want? I know I will be entertaining in a few weeks time, and I have a long list of these that I want to try out and make!
The wedding belles section, although I am a bride to be, sounds as though it may not be for everyone, however, it focuses more on wedding etiquette and how to dress for a wedding of different style as well as lots of gift ideas, a lot of these could also be adapted for presents for anniversary's couples christmas presents etc, so if you aren't going to a wedding this section is still very informative and useful.
The art of giving covers some DIY gifts and wrapping paper ideas, as well as giving gift ideas for different types of people we may buy for both in a him and her section. I love the ideas this gives and the DIY gifts are ones I know I could use for friends and family and different individuals would love different ones.

Lastly, after the index there is a lovely section for Fleur's acknowledgments which are really sweet and lovely.

Overall I love picking up this book and reading back through the tips, I know I can come back to it for a variety of different things, whether that's a beauty emergency, a fashion event, or simply a gift DIY I want to make for a friend. The sections have a lot of information but each bit is in small chunks, usually a couple of pages that don't take too long to read and so you can drop into them while having a quick cup of tea, while waiting for something to cook, or simply as a five minute wind down before bed. I definitely am pleased I picked up this book, I have the first one and love it and knew the second would be as good as it is! I highly recommend checking it out if you love fashion, beauty, home decor and cooking!


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