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The girl with a clock for a heart

The girl with a clock for a heart is a book I picked up a few months ago when I picked up Girl on the train, a running theme but I like intriguing titles with 'the girl with the dragon tattoo' being a firm favourite in my book choices. The title was less specific about the plot of the book and the story line was vague from the blurb, but peaked my interest in a weird and curious way. I left the book a while before reading it as I had other books on my to read list first and knew it would be one I would want to come back to and read, so I left it until I had finished the others.

The book has a lovely front cover with mainly black and red colouring and silhouettes of people in a bar on the front to give some context to the story. The blurb on the back of the book was brief and mysterious with the reviews rating it highly and giving compliments to the storyline and the author.

The story had a slow start, it built up the story steadily in a way that didn't give the reader too much information in one go while still setting the scene and being intriguing. The story line is easy to follow along and keep up with as the story unfolds making it gripping to read.

The story is about a man, George,  who is contacted by his college sweetheart who he hasn't seen for many years, and she says he is the only person who can help her. We find out about his life and the way their relationship has its complications and how it came to be they haven't had contact for 20 years. The story follows chronologically from meeting the woman in the bar at the beginning, however every few chapters there is one written in italics and it is a flash back chapter to give a better insight into their history and how it came to be that they haven't had contact for so long.

I felt the story line was very good, it had a lot of plot twists and gripping moments making you want to read on, with the story unfolding in a way you couldn't imagine at the start. the twists make you change your opinions on characters and feel differently towards them as the plot thickens and grows towards the main twists at the end.

Although I did think the book was really good and had some fantastic twists to make me want to read on and learn more about each character, I did feel the ending let the book down a little. The ending leaves on a cliff hanger with one main question that I felt I needed to know the answer to. It is written in a way that makes you feel like you no the answer and as if it does tell you what you want to know, but I still felt some need to have it fully confirmed.

I did really enjoy the book and it is one I would recommend to other people to have a read of, so I think that is really good. If I was passing a book stand and saw another book by Peter Swanson I would definitely have a read of the back of the book to see if that sounded like a story line I would like too.


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