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Tangle angel hair brush

I am a bit of a slacker when it comes to my hair,  I don't often do much other than brush it and put it up in a messy pony tail. I don't use many tools on my hair and I don't typically invest in expensive hair tools or brushes. However, I won the Tangle angel hair brushes at the meet up I went to in Nottingham last month, and so I was really excited to try them out.

The hair brush is plastic and the back of the brush looks like a pair of angel wings while the front with the bristles look a little bit like a love heart. The detail on the brushes is lovely and I love the way they have been made. The brush, in a non bad way does remind me of a barbie hair brush due to it being plastic and very girly, but I still like it all the same and think it looks cute and fun. This element also makes me feel it has a big market for young girls who hate having their hair brushed and so a cute fun brush designed to detangle may be the perfect solution?

The packaging says the brush is heat resistant, anti static, water resistant and antibacterial. I have tried to put these things to the test and i will elaborate on my findings.... I initially tried this brush on normal tangled hair from being out shopping and being in the wind which I thought was a fair test and the brush seemed to detangle it really effortlessly, and without tugging on my hair. I have used this consistently for over a week with only using a normal hair brush one or two times, just to remind myself of the differences.

I didn't test this actually in the shower but I never brush my hair when I am in the process of washing it, so I didn't feel I wanted to go out of my way to do something I wouldn't actually do as it would be false and have nothing to compare it to, however I did use this for blow drying my hair. I initially used it to brush through and detangle before I started to blow dry it. The brush slid through my hair effortlessly and left it looking smooth and straight and ready to be blow dried. I also used it to blow dry my hair, pushing the hair drier nozzle and the brush together to clamp my hair together to make it dry as straight as it can, and I can conclude the heat did not affect the brush in any way, neither did the water. I haven't had any static issues with this brush, but I can't really recall ever having any with other brushes either, but if you are prone to static hair, maybe this could be a bonus? The same goes for anti bacterial, I haven't been using this for too long so maybe I will notice this property more on the brush as I use it for longer.

Over all I love the brush, I won three brushes and a key ring brush, and so I gave one away to my mum and she has been using it for a while the same and she likes it too, so that makes me happy that she likes the things I pass along to her! If you see these or fancied picking one up and wasn't sure I would definitely recommend them as I am really enjoying mine!


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