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September favourites

September is a strange month for me, working in the education sector, its back to work in full swing, new year and all new timetables and faces to get used to! The shock of getting back into the morning routine, and the weather beginning to drop cold is a shock to the system. I have used so many things this month and tried to try out a range of new products but sometimes its make up free and work clothes when I just don't want to get out of bed!

First up this month I have been loving dark lips in both purples and reds. It all stemmed from The Great British Bake off, which is also a huge favourite as I love food and baking! Candice on the show wore a purple lip in either the first or second week and I loved it, even my fiancé commented how nice the color was, and so it became my mission to find a nice purple lip I could get. I will review the lip color in the coming week to share my thoughts on it, but I have been loving the idea of a darker lip as we transition further into autumn winter.

I also feel really inspired by autumn winter fashion, especially after the event I went to with Intu Victoria centre, the fashion and outfit inspiration was so beautiful and really did inspire me to update my wardrobe. I am planning a shopping trip soon with my mum to really go and have a good shop around and update my wardrobe for the change of season and see what would new things are on the high street.

At the fashion event we got the opportunity to make a flower crown, I always associate these with summer, and also as a hair accessory that may not suit me and may make me look and feel a little silly. However after I made one and wore it for a while I didn't feel self-conscious at all, and really did realise they are really pretty. Also, using the deep berry tones and the golds to help it transition into autumn made me realise they can be done for other seasons than just summer, so I am looking into one for the Christmas party season, still subtle, but something to jazz up a party outfit.

Lastly, one less glamorous and less fashionable, but I have really got back into the gym this month. Having a personal trainer really helps to keep me and my fiancé in check and help us get the best from our workouts, I am under strict orders to not loose any weight as my wedding dress is too big, and so I am working closely with my personal trainer to focus on areas of my body that won't affect my dress fittings, but will still work to tone up and improve my physique. While the gym isn't something I would encourage everyone to go to, as it is personal choice, I want to work on my strength and ability to maintain exercise, such as running longer distances before I get tired.

What have you been loving this month?


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