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September Empties

I am on a crazy product using up spree at the moment, so while we will have a steady stream of empties post for now it may eventually slow as I get towards a smaller collection of products. I have far more stuff than I need, which ultimately means it can take me a long time to go through products and some of these are ones that have been stuck almost used up and forgotten about!

I am going to start with hair care and hair products, I have three sets of shampoo and conditioner which I have used up, the first one being the Tresemme platinum strength shampoo and conditioner. I did really like these and I would buy them again, I don't know how well they strengthened my hair but they left it feeling soft and smooth and looking lovely. Next up I have the Advanced techinques moroccan argan oil shampoo and mask from Avon. These really did moisturise my hair and make it feel amazing, I love the way theses worked and I would buy them again, however I don;t know who my local avon rep would be and I always forget to order them online! Lastly, I have the Toni and Guy straight and protect shampoo and conditioner. I cant tell you how long this was stashed at the back of my samples drawer and forgotten about because the packaging has been changed quite a while, but alas I found them and used them up. They were ok, but I didn't pin too much on them as the the packaging has changed and I presume the formulas have too. Also for hair I have the Schwarzkopf hair color mask in golden brown which I reviewed on my blog with month. This was so easy to use and looked lovely when finished and dyed so I would definitely come back to this hair dye as it is one of the easiest I have ever used.

Moving onto body care I have a few in this category too! First of all I have a mini champneys bubble heaven bubble bath, this was really nice and I love bubble bath so I will be looking out for the range to check out their full sized products, it made a good amount of bubbles and smells really nice too. I then have the Nspa lime body wash I used this as a bubble bath too and it works amazingly for both purposes, I love the scent it is really refreshing and reminds me of green fruit pastilles! I then have the Nivea Sunny melon and oil body wash, these hydrate the skin and leave it feeling soft and moisturised without having to do so. I love these for summer when I don't want to apply thick moisturiser to my skin as these combine the steps well. I then have a Body Shop strawberry body scrub, I love the scent of this it is sweet and fruity and really refreshing. The scrub particles are good at exfoliating and leaving the skin soft without being overly harsh on the skin. Lastly for body I have the Jergens naturals body lotion, this is the cherry almond scent and did smell lovely, it wasn't my favourite body lotion but it also wasn't the worst, however I think it is discontinued in the UK now, but I don't think I would have picked it up again.

Lastly, onto skin care, I am getting rid of the boots botanics hot cloth cleansing balm as I just cant get along with it, I don't like the way it feels and it makes my eyes sting so its off into the bin! I then have the No7 beautiful skin exfoliator, this isn't empty, but it has the microbeads in that have been all over the news and I feel a little guilty using it knowing the effects they have. I liked it, but knowing the effects it has I want to make wiser choices with my products. Lastly I have a carmex cherry lip balm,  this is lovely and I really do like this I have used it up and I am definitely going to pick up another one to keep in my handbag.

That is everything I have used up this month, I am looking forward to using up more products and having a good clear out I love rediscovering products I had forgotten about, and I am currently hoping that once I use up quite a few I will be able to then go and try loads of new products that are out as I don't to spend money on new things when I have lots of things to use up!

What is your most recent empty?


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