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Schwarzkopf color mask 550 Golden brown

I like to have my hair ginger, I am naturally blonde but I love ginger hair, I would love to be naturally ginger. However, I do tend to go a bit too bright orange when I go ginger so I have refrained for a while as I work in a job where I am supposed to have a more natural color, and with my fast approaching wedding I wanted to look a little bit more like me and also the orange hair wouldn't suit the wedding the same way as a more neutral brown.

I was unsure what color to get, so when we were in Asda doing a weekly shop I asked my other half to help me pick. We chose the Schwarzkopf color mask and agree the color golden brown wasn't too dark, but had a nice shine to it making it a light to mid brown. In the box was the pot to mix the color in, the color tube and a conditioner sachet, along with instructions and gloves.

The color was really easy to mix, squeeze the tube into the tub then put the lid on and shake roughly 40 times in order to thoroughly mix the two together, When you open up the pot it then looks like a tub of conditioner or hair mask. There appears to be quite a good amount of hair color in the tub, however it does say if you have longer than shoulder length hair to use more than one box, but I thought Id risk it and I was fine.

I usually get my mum to dye my hair when I lived with her but now I like with just my fiance he refuses to dye my hair so I decided I would have a go myself and the color mask seemed the easiest way to do it alone. I found the application very easy, I parted the hair into sections and applied what  thought seemed a good amount and then after I had done all the sections I went back over them with the excess color that was left in the tub rubbing it into my hair just like a conditioner mask,

The color felt comfortable on my hair and wasn't a problem for the 30 minutes I left it on, I sat and read a book in the bath while I waited and then washed it off once the time had passed. It was easy to wash off and I did as it said and kept rinsing the hair until it ran clear, used the conditioner that came with the hair dye and then dried my hair as normal.

The color is lovely, it was strange to see myself with brown hair but I do love the color and think it looks really beautiful. It doesn't look too much different in the pictures but it has given it a lovely even color and made it less ginger and more brown which is nice. There is a chance I will need to dye my hair again before the wedding and I do really like this type of dye, so even if I go a slightly different shade I will definitely buy this style of dye when I go shopping again it was so easy to use.


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