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OOTD: Walk in the woods

My fiance and I went for a lovely walk in the forest on bank holiday, and I really wanted to do an outfit post as I love my new shirt I got a few days before, and I thought it would make for a lovely photo. I am definitely not used to the idea of being out in public and having my photos so obviously took, but I am trying! My lovely fiance secretly loves being the camera man and he is great at giving me directions and very supportive in telling me what looks good and where I can improve, as well as helping me pick the shots I have chose to include here.

Lets start with the shirt, this is a lovely cotton shirt from Primark and it was just £7! A total bargain, except it is a material that creases immediately so although I did iron it before leaving the house, a car ride, sitting in a cafe and my bag generally being on my arm and round my stomach just crinkled it, but I actually love it so lets all pretend it is still ironed and sophisticated and not looking like I slept in it!

I then have a pair of black skinny trousers, they are a bit of a jegging material, a little stretchy but not too noticeable. I wanted to wear my black skinny jeans, but they were in the wash so I opted for these as they are almost the same look for a distance, but I can actually get away with these for work although I have a strict no jeans policy at work.

I then have my Michael Kors handbag, this is the Selma in Aquamarine, I got this in the sale back in December or January and I thought it was very summery but I didn't know if I would get enough wear from it as I always opt for black or neutral handbags but I love it and it is a subtle statement bag which I cannot stop using!

Finally I have a pair of black ankle boots, these were from Red Herring at Debenhams about two years ago, they have some lovely buckles on them but they aren't available any more and they are almost worn out from so much wear, but I find them comfy and until the shops have the ankle boots in more and I can update them with a new pair, I think I will keep them at the ready for ankle boots!


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