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My engagement ring heartbreak

Getting engaged was without a doubt one of the most special days of my life and I cannot wait to become a wife to the man I adore in the not too distant future. When he decided he would like to propose to me he knew I would want something kind of small and understated, but he wanted to buy white gold, as it was a better quality metal than something like silver, and he wanted me to have a real diamond and within reason he didn't want to scrimp on costs as he wanted me to have the perfect ring. I don't wear a lot of jewelry and so simple and understated was perfect.

However the story isn't quite so perfect about the quality of the ring and the outcome...

The ring was purchased from H Samuel's jewelers for our engagement in December 2011, and my fiance did such a good job the ring was perfect, the exact size I needed (I did get sized close to him going to look) and I was beyond excited to be engaged.

Happily engaged for around 11 months, and my engagement ring broke on the band side of the ring, what looked like a clean break straight through it, and not only was I utterly devastated but I also couldn't explain how I had done anything to damage the ring. I take my ring of to wash, shower, bath clean anything, to go to the gym. In fact I take it off so often that people don't question it if I go a week without wearing it, as they know I just took it off and forgot to put it back on!

Because it was less than a year after the purchase I was able to have the ring repaired for free within the warranty. Although I didn't know how I could have damaged the ring, my embarrassment and devastation of it becoming broken overwhelmed me and I didn't think to question it, as I was too upset that I just wanted to get it sorted as I thought it looked like I didn't care about it.

Upon getting the ring back I was still disheartened but I continued to wear it with the care of taking it off to clean and wash and do any manual work with my hands to protect and care for the ring. I was content and happy until the ring broke in almost (I cant be 100% sure) the same place as before. In July 2016 my ring became broken again, this time I know for sure I haven't done anything I can think of to damage it. Cue a phone call almost in tear to my fiance to try and explain it had broken for a second time.

(If you click to enlarge the picture you will see the split on to the right of the diamond on the back side of the band next to the 0.1)

I hate fuss and attention and I would never kick up a fuss if I knew I was to blame, but I went into store to ask if they could do anything with it, I knew almost certainly I hadn't done anything to damage it myself, and so they said they would send it to their repair team and they would assess to see if there was a fault or if it had been damaged. On the 18th July 2016 I took my ring into store and it was sent off to the repair team. 3 and a half weeks later (11th August) I went into store to ask what was happening as I had heard nothing from anyone about it, and they told me a price had gone on the system for repair and it would be £52, I said I would speak to my fiance and when the phone call came I would decide what to do and let them know on the phone. A week later, (18th August) I decided four and a half weeks was a long time to wait to hear anything and rang the complaints line, I was also disheartened as I honestly couldn't explain the damage and I had been told it was my fault and I would have to pay. I don't have an issue with paying, I just felt like I was being fobbed off.

I rang the complaints team on the Thursday (18th August) and the lady was lovely and listened to my concerns and the details of the concerns throughout the phone call noting them down on the system to refer back to. The lady then said she would look into my case and she was at work on the Friday and Saturday to look into it more and get back to me. A week later on Thursday (25th August) I rang the complaints department for an update as I didn't know what was happening and got through to someone else, who looked at the case and said he would get the first lady I spoke to to ring me back that day. On Friday (26th August) I rang the complaints team to ask why I hadn't been called back, and having now spoken to a third person, I was told I would get a call back on that day, so I waited. 5 minutes before closing time I decided I would call them, and I was told the team had been too busy to call me back both days, and that the new person I was talking to on the phone was now going to chase up my ring with the repair team on Tuesday, that's 6 weeks they will have had my ring with no resolution....

(The ring above is the replacement ring I was able to chose to replace the one I had.)

On Tuesday (30th August) I finally got an answer to my questions and complaints, I had two choices, have my ring repaired free of charge, or I could exchange it for a new ring of the same value. I decided, because I believed mine was faulty and would inevitably break again, I would go and look for one to exchange it for, Now I am left with a ring that isn't my original as I couldn't eve get one the same, that doesn't have the sentimental value of my original, and also be to totally honest, one I fully expect to break based on my experience with the original one I had. Sad really that you are left feeling absolutely worthless to a major high street company. I can honestly say, after this experience I will never spend another penny in the store, ever. As well as this I know my fiance and my family will be avoiding the store as well because of the poor quality jewellery I had from them, and most importantly the worst customer service I have ever received in my life.



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