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Miss flow candle

Ms Flow is a beauty subscription box service centered around periods. This might seem a little strange, but it sounds really appealing too! It says its on time, for your time, every time. From what I can gather from the site, you pop in when you have your period when you sign up, beginning, middle or end of the month and then they have it delivered ready for when you start. I heard about the brand at the Alzheimer's meet up I went to where the box was one of the prizes, and the brand had kindly given a candle each for the goody bags. I got this one, Grapefruit and Jasmine scented and I am really pleased with it.

The candle has a beautiful scent to it, I feel the jasmine is a little bit more prominent in the scent but it still smells lovely. I lit the candle when in the bath and the scent filled the whole room easily with minimal effort and when only been lit for a short time.

I left the candle to burn for a couple of hours from running the bath, being in the bath and then while getting dry and ready afterwards which was plenty of time to fill the room and have the scent linger once blown out. The scent was lovely and exactly what I hope for from a candle.

Although these can be bought separately they also come in the box every month from what research I have done, and I think the box would be a lovely monthly subscription service, especially for teens or someone who has recently started their period to make them feel more at ease and find a way to find the change exciting and fun with all the little extras that come.

The candles can be bought individually off of the site and retail at £4.00. I think they are a lovely idea and from what I can gather they come in the subscription box as well so that is a lovely addition to a relaxed pamper when your feeling you need a little extra TLC.


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