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Irregular choice Ascot black glitter

I have a confession to make. I love shoes. Love shoes. This means, if I have a bit of spare money and there's a pair of shoes I like, I usually go home with them. I was browsing the internet and looking on a much loved site, Irregular choice, when I saw the new collection and fell in love with a pair called ascot. These come in grey, black, and purple and I thought they were stunning! I decided I would order them and have a good look at them in person, as I could always send them back if they weren't quite right.

I got them out the box and I knew I had fallen in love with them. The shoes is a black snake skin print with a beautiful blue iridescent shine to it, definitely a massive selling point in me keeping the shoes as it is truly stunning. They have a big multi loop bow on the front with a little charm saying 'Irregular choice' on in the centre of the bow as well as a beautiful glitter heel in a mix of dark blue and black to compliment the fabric on the shoes.

The bow is beautiful and soft and perfectly positioned to keep its shape and look flawless on the shoe when wearing it. The black satin material worked well with the snake skin and although the bow makes a huge statement, it doesn't take away from the rest of the shoe, instead complimenting it well.

The snakeskin material is soft and smooth and has a lovely shine to it, although I am not a huge fan of snake skin and scaly looking fabrics, there was something about the color of these and the way they shine that  had me hooked!

The heel of the shoe is covered in multi sized glitter in a dark navy blue/black and gives a multi textured look to the shoe in a way that gives it an edge without looking messy. The glitter feel secure and doesn't feel like it would fall off, however I try not to mess with things that are glitter coated as I don't want to cause any unnecessary wear to the glitter that I don't have to.

The soles of the shoes are beautiful, although not a direct selling point, definitely a beautiful addition to the shoes to make them even more special, as you only usually get the special soles on expensive designer shoes. Some people do preserve the soles in different ways, but I am happy for them to wear as normal under the foot, but it is an option if you wanted to.

I was introduced to Irregular choice around a year or so ago when I was a bridesmaid for a friend and we had them for bridesmaid shoes. My friend has had them for a while so I was aware of the brand but hadn't bought any myself until then, however from then on I had kept an eye out and have fell in love with quite a few styles since then!


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